Get the new update with *logins*



We just released a new Hopscotch update!

Instead of existing just on your iPad, it now lives on our server, which means that you can use it (and all your projects) on any iPad. You can also use multiple Hopscotch accounts on the same iPad—say goodbye to sharing your account with your siblings.

A few things you should know:

- There are now logout and upload buttons on your profile:

The “...” button on the right lets you log out of your account.

The cloud button on the left lets you move your drafts from your iPad to our server. If you’re that person with a bajillion (50) drafts, you might have to upload them more than once. You’ll only need to use this when you first upgrade, or if you edit your draft offline.

- When you log out or download a new app, there's an option to login to your account with your username and password:

Let us know what you think of the update! If you run into any trouble or forget your password, shoot us an email.

The Hopscotch Team

PS: Curious about how all this works? We got you. This was a pretty complex update (which is why it took us several attempts to get it right—thanks again for your patience). We had to redefine how Hopscotch thinks about accounts. Before, your account and the stuff you made on it lived locally on your iPad. You published projects to the community and then we saved them on our server. If your iPad died or you deleted your app, everything that was saved to it—your drafts and profile—was wiped.

Now, your account exists on the server. As you work on a project (assuming you have wifi), your work is automatically saved to the server. This is why you can access your drafts from any iPad. It’s not quite magic, but almost.

I don't know my password,

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Hi @Liza or anyone,

Is there a way to view the number of remixes a project has in this update? I only see the likes, plays, and how old it is. Was it just recently removed for some reason?

Thanks! Love the update! :+1:


I logged out and logged back in to see how it looked at and created weird versions of my drafts. I pressed the cloud button before I logged out.


Sorry about that, @Kiwicute2015! Can you explain the weird versions of your drafts a little more? Can you send us screenshots at That'd be super helpful! Thanks!


I just deleted the ones that weren't in my drafts! But I logged out and logged back in, and my drafts were gone!


Please help: I logged out by accident and I can't remember my password! Is making a new account the only way? I really don't want it that way, though.


I also didn't set up an email.


Hey @Berrymelon! No worries! We're able to reset your password for you, and I just sent it to you in a private message. Let me know if you have any questions!


Help I forgot my password


Thank you so much, @Ian!


Where will I see the private message, though?


Never mind! I found it. Thank you @Liza and @Ian!


Can someone please tell me my password
My username in hopscotch is Gabe N beta tester


Help! When you upload your drafts where do they go? And how can I get them back???


Hey @AHappyCoder! When you upload your drafts, they are stored on our computers, so you can access them no matter what iPad you're on. After you upload your drafts, they should stay right where they are, under the Drafts tab.

Then, when you log in again, you'll see that you need to download your drafts before continuing work on them.

Does that make sense?


I've used the upload button twice and it look like it was uploading,The button is not there anymore.My most recent projects don't seem to be in my drafts folder,I haven't logged out yet I am worried that if I log out I will never get them back? What do you think?


After all of your drafts are uploaded, the upload button goes away. So that's normal!

Sorry about the out-of-order drafts though! They should have uploaded in the order they were created, but it's possible they got jumbled. Can you look through all of your drafts and see if recent projects got placed somewhere further down?

Don't worry, if you uploaded your drafts—which you did—they'll be there for you when you log back in!