Get prepared for Hackers!



So I have been lately seeing an amount of accounts of being hacked, I am starting to worry that Hopscotch is soon going to get hacked, and being hacked is really BAD! So I want some people that are going to be against hackers and if someone gets hacked they should have support and other people should cheer them up and get it fixed somehow.


Name all your drafts that are important. Write down those names. Remember to do this when you make a new draft, and of course erase them if they get published or deleted on purpose. This way, if your drafts get deleted, just email the hopscotch team asking them to restore the drafts, and give them the name to your drafts. They will restore them. I hope this helped.


another thing you can do: make another account, publish any important projects, and then save them on the other account, but don't tell anybody about your other account, or somebody who specifically wants to delete YOUR projects might hack that too, like this:

normal account: ........ backup account:
project a .................... project a
project b .................... project c
project c .................... project d
project d
project e

if your normal account gets hacked, you still have projects a, c, and d


I say just make a private account and save your important projects there


that's what I said! except I over complicated it, a lot


Great minds think alike:sweat_smile:


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Totally off topic I just need to tell @Phase_Admin something

You know when you were doing a test topic last night? Anyways, I tried to log into my backup account. Then it locked me out of the forums until I signed back in at school. :confounded: All because I wanted to test something.