"Get Past The _____"




NOTE: I'm trying not to offend anyone here or start fights! :wink:

There's nothing wrong with doing this, but this gives you an unfair advantage.

Are you wondering why people do this? Well, it's because it increases your view count!

I got my 871 views legit. Now look how many F4LO has!

And yes, views are useless, although they do give you bragging rights. But honestly, this makes me look like:

I have no idea why, but this gets on my nerves! :confused:

Do you think this should be permitted?

  • Yes

  • No


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Don't you need over 10k views to be regular?


Basically, people click on your profile image to see your full bio, and it increases your view count.


Also that Undertale reference


I think you mean 10k post views. :wink:


Oh ok I think @Follow4LikesOfficial got it legit he is leader after all


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BuildASnowman only has 200, and he's the first/second leader! :wink:


Or you never know @Follow4LikesOfficial could be the illuminati :thinking: Jk


Nope, I'm a regular and I only have 42 views.


Maybe F4LO used a bot :stuck_out_tongue: or you know used his powers


43 now! :yum:


It's not a really big deal. I didn't even notice that was there until you told me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes it says something like "to know about me, get past the emojis!" Then comes a series of emojis which take up the bio.
To find out about the person, you actually have to click into their account to read their full bio. And you want to click, because your curiosity is piqued. So they get more views.


He would never do that! It's the spikes! :\



Yes. It's kind of getting on my nerves. :neutral_face:


Well we all know 4FLO is a troll


@Rawrbear frisk isn't that bad ....