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I asked them, but... They refuse. No worries. I will try reseting my iPad 2 for some hope. (Also, it is TOO old and it needed a reset anyway. :neutral_face:)


An old iPad may explain the problem, good luck with trying to fix it!


Hi guys, I'm new! Can someone show me how this works please!?


... i havent got the new upd8 though


Yeah sure !
Do u wanna chat on ,y general topic?


Yes sure whatever works


Lesson 1#:
Do Not Spam Featured With The Same Project Over And Over 4 Times Otherwise You Will Get Reported! In a kind way: Every time you re-nominate it, you reset the nominations for it and if people want to nominate an older project it is a lot harder to explain. So please don't do it again!:wink: But, anyways! welcome to the Hopscotch Forum!