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That's what I thought it would do but its inverted...


This bug hasn't been fixed in the new update.


can you link to the project where this code is?




Can't give you a date for when this will be fixed, but it's been logged and we will probably work on it soonish.


neat stuff, but still pretty slow for older devices, so im thinking of a less graphical setting for people who just cant bother with all the animation and stuff. (and maybe a way to speed up typing in variables)

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That's weird.

Can you share a link for me (and THT) to look at?

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It works in the link but that's because I had to invert it to work...
Here's the link


That's weird @PumpkinGirl...

@Liza @Montoya maybe you guys should check this bug out?

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Does it work the same on your device??

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When will search be fixed?


Is your French teacher @Liza? xD


No lol
It would be cool if she was :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, it goes up when it should go down...


I'm pretty sure the behavior is the same as it's always been. If you long-press the "is Tilted Up" when, you'll see that it refers to the iPhone or iPad facing you, like when you take a selfie. Whereas "is Titled Down" means you tilt the device away from you. So it might feel backwards but this airplane game works as expected.


Oh! This explains it! :sweat_smile:

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Oh, thanks for the explanation :smiley:

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@Petrichor, looked into your project and I have some info for you.

  1. The reason some of the objects aren't responding to taps is that the unicode character you are using for the grid is overlapping them. Even though it appears that the character is just a straight line, its bounding box is actually a bit bigger than that and we use bounding box collisions not pixel tests for determining if something is tapped. Good news: an easy fix is to use bring to front or send to back to make sure that the things you want to tap are in front of those lines.

  2. Just something I noticed in your code with the variable "moveses". You are using both the object's moves's and the self moves's, one to figure out where to put the clones and the other just as a counter. I would recommend using a device variable for the counter since it disconnects these two uses, makes your code simpler to understand, and will probably help you avoid bugs.

Let me know if there are still issues.


Hello @thomas I was coding a project right now.
Do you know my MakrYour Own Emoji game I was trying to add the RGB and when I pressed RGB my iPad crushed I think my iPad is iPad Air 2 or IPad Air I am not sure the new one)

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Ok. I forgot about the grid thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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