Get our new (faster, smoother) update!



I don't have a forum account on the old devices since... at my school the forum is blocked by the website filter


Ooooooo, going to school in 45 min. About to get the new update!


Wow!! This is so smooth and the new animations are so AWESOME!! There is barely any delays between loading and the speed at which the blocks came up was INCREDIBLE!!
Thanks to all of THT for bringing this AWESOME update!!
Thanks @Montoya for editing a few mistakes! :grimacing: Whoops!


Hmmm, I tried the same and it worked for me. Could you try restarting Hopscotch? If you are still having trouble please submit a bug report (from your profile, tap the ... menu, then tap on Help, then Report a Problem).


Hello @Montaya this ing happened for me too I restarted the app restarted iPad but it hasn't workes


@Montoya I was wondering, when you're using change Y, positive number, in a rule that starts with w"when iPad is tilted up" should the object go up or down??
I was continuing with a game and it's going downwards...??


What do you mean by animate keyboard scorilln?


Yay! Imma go check out this new update!


Can you fix the bug where it says you have a notification that you have already looked at?


Yeah.... I get that bug all the time....


I really don't like when the block flies up into its place. It's really annoying


Yah, I hardly bother to look at my notifications anymore


@Montoya @liza I have a suggestion. When you open an object's code, like this:

Could you make it so the Whens are closed so the code is hidden? Like this:

It's much more convenient.


Interesting. We might look into this more and see what most people think. I imagine different people have different opinions on this.


Who develops the updates? Is it all the team all just a few members?


Change Y by (+number) makes it go up.

Change Y by (-number) makes it go down.


Everyone is involved in different ways.


Ok thanks, for replying!



I love new updates! <D


But every time I try to but the letter k in one of my topics it says it's censored?