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Like on a computer you have blinking "|" thing in Word?
Or the pointy arrow on a computer screen which shows where the mouse is?

That is the cursor.

In Hopscotch, it's the blue border thing which shows where blocks will go.

(I think)


Oh! Didn't they have that before though?


I think the labels next to the icons make it so much easier to find objects and blocks! Now you don't have to go scrolling through all of them to find what you're looking for! :smiley:


This looks awesome!

Also, can you approve my posts plz?


Kind of, but it's much more pronounced now.


The update looks way different and


Will old drafts still work perfectly fine?

Who does the updates, is it all the team?


You could try them out and maybe try them against a new draft?


Ok! I will try that!


I like the cursor, and I also like how the "keyboard" slides between sections!

I feel like HS is becoming more related to general computer coding, which is good in my opinion because it's more familiar and recognisable :slight_smile: e.g. Variables instead of values and a blinking cursor both remind me of coding in Python.


Not in it's current shape.


How did this get nice post
Why did Montoya like it lol


a project i just made isn't loading, even after a minute ://
here's the code:


I didn't check if other people said this, but on old devices, there are no tabs, and some tutorials don't have all the object tabs


Cool, Liza! Getting the update right now!

When I do use the editor it can be a bit laggy, glad you've fixed it! :)


That's awesome!


i have an older version :frowning:


To @Liza:
I like new update,mainly because I can be back to coding with Hopscotch again,the editor doesn't lag too much now! Yes,but I have still the loading icon every time when I open one of my projects. It is normal? I'm asking because before Hopscotch was more...smooth and cool; I mean,less bugs and crashes and freezes and more fun to code.Now, I don't like it as much as I liked before the subscription update (mainly because of the loading thing,the redesign of the My Profile section,the photos that you need to pay for the subscription and the weekly challenges that was occupying all Featured).I had been in Hopscotch since the release of this app,and it was so fun to use,play and code,until that update.I am just giving my opinion and asking if it is normal for the loading icon to appear in my projects and why is so slow,when before it was better and less crashing.

-An annoyed and confused @LunaMorgana387 (LunaMorgana387​:crescent_moon:™ in Hopscotch)


Sorry but they are very annoying and distracting when it blinks nonstop


Those tutorials aren't supposed to have all the tabs, we intentionally hid some stuff to simplify what new users see.

On old devices there are no tabs? Would love to see a screenshot of this!