Get our new (faster, smoother) update!



Is there a specific re-release date in mind, or are you guys simply fixing it asap?


Yay updates


You can't say that!


Why not? :p


No not at all, I picked it up from hanging out with southerners.


It's rude!


I asked politely, eheh.


Simply fixing it asap, won't require a re-release.


Is it New York or NYC?


ASAP. Basically a service we were using for search stopped working and we are deciding whether to do some improvements to the way it works and deploy a new thing or just patch what we have now.


Ah, okay. Thank you!



How about @Liza? She said it.


One other thing that we fixed but never talked about was the difference between repeat forever and when 7 == 7 performance that @ThinBuffalo pointed out. Also fixed the double FPS for new drafts.


Also curious about how people like the new cursor/animations.


I'm still confused what that is.


Cool! Going to update it now.

Old projects on the beta appear weird on the keyboard

Shh project sneak peek

Was this fixed in the final update?


technically it works both ways...

Downloading the update now!!


Wow HT!

I just had a click, twenty second look and I love the update!

I literally clicked the project and then a text Object and the speed at which the code came up astounded me! It's so much faster!

I also do like the cursor, makes sure you know where something is going so I like it!


What's the cursor?


I love it! Thanks so much HT now I don't have to look at the loading screen for a minute!