Get our new (faster, smoother) update!



Ok y'all.

New presidential administration, new product polish. Whatever your political persuasion, we think you’ll agree that our newly spruced-up editor is smoother, prettier and faster. Enjoy!

New features:
* Drafts open faster (because they always open in edit mode)
* Keyboard tabs (& play/edit buttons on iPad Landscape) now have text labels next to the icons to make it more clear what each tab is for
* Spruced up editor (play with it to see these fancy animations for yourself!):
* Animate objects going from keyboard to stage
* Animate blocks going from keyboard to editor
* Animate scrolling in the keyboard
* Animate the keyboard changing when navigating the project tree

* Tutorial video player no longer covers up the keyboard in iPad Landscape
* Objects no longer appear behind tutorial video player
* Tutorial video player no longer goes off screen when rotating iPad
* +Add Code is now always visible when you add your first 3 objects in a project
* +Add Code is now easier to see (fully opaque)
* Follow button no longer overlaps the header on the profile when scrolling
* Magnifying glass in fullscreen text form no longer shows the view underneath
* Whole numbers on older projects are no longer displayed with decimal (.0)
* Variables in the editor are no longer displayed without their previews in the editor

Download the update here:!-learn/id617098629?mt=8

It's -Madi- here!




Sorry but I have to say

y'all not ya'll
My French teacher made the same mistake today lol


search? what about search?


Awesome! Getting now!


She actually edited it :000
On topic: My iPad updated it already! Imma check it out :D


Oh, and @liza my general topic has been closed for a while, mind reopening it? (It was related!)


Sounds cool! I'm gonna check it out! :D


Cool! Getting it right now!


Cash me outside how bowdahh


How do those work? Don't understand.


I think they just make it smoother. I tried messing around with the editor and it just seemed smoother.


I don't like that it shows a tutorial on every project...


Don't even


Is that, like, a New Jersey accent? @Montoya says it too.


Btw I'm so sad I can't update because I have to connect to school wifi to do so.


I'm not sure, but their headquarters are in New York.

So I suppose that it could be like that.


Yea. We're working on it. Sorry for the delay.


Thought this song would fit in with this update's theme, haha.

Thank you for the update! ^^