Get on Hangouts, Dude!(Dead)



This is for people to ask to get on Google Hangouts.


Is it ok if I add "Dude"? (because "Get on Docs, Dude")


Great topic! Now I can finally ask what Hangouts is and how you get on it!


Hangouts is basically Skype on the web.


That's cool! Is that allowed?


What do you define as "allowed"?


Not really, but there may be one with THT and other people soon, maybe next week, or the week after


Allowed by the Hopscotch Team. Oh wait, I guess it's not really through Hopscotch, so it doesn't really matter.


Cool! How do I join it?


I am so picky I added a comma!


It's gonna come soon. First, you need a Google account.


Phew, I have that. Thanks!


Too bad I'm on an iPad (I can't video chat unless I go on the computer)


You can do chat on the IPad app.


THT may send an email about it.


I'm on a school iPad :confused:


Hey, my tag is on here! :smile:

I don't have google forms though, ;-;


What do you mean @AHappyCoder? This sounds cool! Is THT going to "allow" it?


They are organizing it :D
You could ask for a personal one with THT!


Oh! That's awesome! Thanks @AHappyCoder!!!! That's actually really cool!

(And here's a like because I keep running out...:P):heart: