Get on Docs, Dude!




Need to tell someone to get on Docs? Well, here's the topic! This is so you don't post "get on Docs" on a random topic and get flagged as off topic for it! :smile:

Anyone wanna doc?
Get me on docs!

This sounds really ■■■■■■, but what do you guys mean by "get on docs"?
Is there a specific doc?


Is the docs for famous people or everyone or just like Admins??


Docs is for everyone!


Like "The Docs" that they use? I mean I gave google docs I use it for school but is the one they use for everyone?"


Well, not everyone is on the same docs, but here is where you can make a doc with someone


Am I able to join the doc @Rawrbear, @follow4likesofficial, and others use


Ask them :smiley: btw F4LO is now @Anonymous


I know but his name wasn't popping up for some reason


Lol I was thinking about this as a topic! :thinking::laughing:


SmileyAlyssa can you go on our docs?


Love the title XD


What is a doc?


It means a Google Doc! :wink:


Oh! Is there docs on computers?


yes there is


What for? There is hangouts....


I got docs btw.


Docs we also on ipad


Ooh ooh I think I can explain all from the beginning!


So Google offers Google Docs where you can type any document with other people at the same time. If you share the doc with other people's google accounts, they can go in and edit along with them! (or other, as there are other settings for this.) There is one problem, using school or personal emails aren't exactly going to work well and HS emails have to be for HS. This is not connected to the forum, but to Google, so there are different rules. Whatever you do, DO NOT ABUSE this power. This is entirely text, like the forum.
"Get on docs" means to go on the document that was created and shared with the people. Right now, there is one for leaders to privately discuss about problems privately.
Again, DO NOT ABUSE this power.

Wow, that was a long essay...