Get Help With the New Update Here!


The Update is soooo new! But its okay. Just be thankful that Hopscotch is still here! Remember this that @Kiwicute2016 made:

Ask for help here with anything. Sorry if there are similar topics but feel free to ask anything! I also have a question what does, HS, OC and <3 mean? I have noticed people put these in there projects on Hopscotch and posts on the Forum. I am not very up to date​:grin::rolling_eyes::upside_down::wink:

Bye and feel free to ask anything!


HS = Hopscotch
<3 is a heart emoticon
Idk what OC is, sorry


Great topic!

HS stands for Hopscotch.
OC stands for Orignal Character
<3 is a heart.



Thanks soooo much MR.GAM3R!


Thanks Intellection74!


I found out how to delete things from old projects! (Well, technically my brother found out.)

Down at the bottom where the thumbs up emoji is. Apparently that's where the real trash is right now.




What does OMTL stand for?


Official mass tag list .I think


It's what @xXBARNSLEYFCXx said.

Barnsley was right :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool find. Imma investigate now


I can't find… :frowning2:


Just drag it around that area really slowly for a while until you see the cloud. It'll pop up eventually.


Oh I found it! Thanks Senpai!




I'm not the only Yandere of you, there are many more…>: )


Huh? Whad'ya mean?


Your my Senpai. Therefore I'm your Yandere :wink:

#18 don't need to kill anyone over me.


Pah I'm a peaceful Yandere. I can share. Did that rhyme? Lol I'm not @OnceUponATime…



I thought the peaceful ones were called something else?