Get help with remaking an app game


Now, I have this app game that is tons and absolutely tons of fun, I used to play it when I was little, and I'm back playing it! So, I wonder if it's possible to make
this app game in hopscotch? I don't really think it is possible, but, you never know!

NOTE: this is out of curiosity, but if you know how to do it and you will make it, it would be awesome if you gave me the link to the project, also, just give me a bit of credit. On hopscotch, I'm gamergirlofgamers, but on the forum, I'm hoppertohopscotch. (Without the period and comma)


This is a great project idea! I think it does look possible, or some aspects of it at least. You could make the ice-creams or objects falling from the sky do this:

When the play button is tapped
    Create a clone

When the character is cloned, make the clone
    Set Value "Item" to random[1 to 2]
    Check if "Item" = 1
        Set text to :ice_cream: (this will be the ice-cream falling)
        Set text to :telephone_receiver: (this will be a random object)
    Set position to X (random[1 to 1024]), Y (768)
    Change Y by -768

And when it bumps the cone:

When Item bumps Anything
    Check if Item = 1
        Increase Value "ConeHeight" by -50
        Set speed to "ConeHeight"
        Repeat Forever
            Set position to X (:icecream: x position), Y ("ConeHeight" + "Item's speed")
        (put whatever code here you want when an object :telephone_receiver: bumps the cone)

And this code for the cone :icecream::

When the play button is tapped
    Set size 500
    Set Value "ConeHeight" to 100
    Repeat Forever
        Change X by "tilt right %"

That could be a basis for code if you want to try that out. Please be warned it most likely won't work so you'll have to play around with the numbers and adjust it. (I'm looking at the code and some of it doesn't look right :grimacing:, but credit to MagmaPOP for some tricks I tried there.) I would try it out myself if I had more time.

This is a cool game again :smiley:


Wow @t1_hopscotch! Because this looks like a lot of code, I might just keep on finding cool apps to base it on and people can come here to get ideas!


Ok. I have this other app game I LOVE to play. I think it would be pretty rare to be able to remake it in hopscotch, but who knows!
It is called Shooty Skies