🇩🇪Germany Team Topic🇩🇪 (Official)


So this is the team topic for the Germany Olympic team. Please if u aren't on Germany then please don't reply
Germany members @BB-Box @xXBARNSLEYFCXx @WinningMonkey @KatrinaPlays

August 14th at 5:00 pm ( eastern time zone)

Please turn in projects here ---> http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/olympic-project-turn-in/21215?u=ella_13

Don't argue
You might get an event you want. You might not. Please don't argue and refuse to do something just cause you don't want to do it.

Give tips
You are allowed to share your project with your teammates before the deadline and they can give you tips. Only rule for that is that YOU have to be the one to make the edits, not them

Sins and cons-@xXBARNSLEYFCXx
Trail art- @KatrinaPlays
Pixel art- @BB-Box
Project related to the Olympics- @WinningMonkey

The "project related to the Olympics" event can be a game or art or anything. If it is art then please take a screenshot of it
The other events don't have to be related to the Olympics

Due date for projects- 5:00 pm August 14th ( eastern time zone)
First place (gold)

Pixel art from @PerfectPanda24
Pixel art or trail art from @Intellection74
Website template from @MR.GAM3R
Pixel art or drawing from @SmilingSnowflakes
15 likes and a follow from @JaggedJeans
Follow from @bluedogmc-official
Drawing requests from @Sweetlina
Bronze colored badge from @Kiwicute2016
Shoutout from @happyfacegirl
Likes on all projects from @Nerd4Ever
Any game you want and a follow from @DA-BEASTY
A project about the team from @HopedHoper

Second place ( silver)
50 likes from @TheGreenBanana
10 likes and a follow from @JaggedJeans
Likes from @bluedogmc-official
20 likes from @DA-BEASTY
follow from @happyfacegirl
Pixel art or drawing from @SmilingSnowflakes
Pixel art from @Intellection74
Pixel art from perfect panda (maybe)
Website template from @MR.GAM3R
Midihack from @BuildASnowman

Third place ( bronze)
5 likes from @JaggedJeans
Pixel art or drawing from @SmilingSnowflakes
Pixel art from @Intellection74
Likes from @bluedogmc-official
A follow from @TheRealBlah
Website template from @MR.GAM3R
A follow from @Nerd4Ever
20 likes from @happyfacegirl





I'm gonna start on my projec


Me too!



I would assign all of the events if I were you


Can I have a task please ? I cannot code that well soo can I have the easiest task you have ? I need an easy one please ! It will also have to be a a small project as I am not really allowed to be on my iPad a lot !


I think I can be finish with the pixel art tomorrow :blush:


Please take out my prize for first. I'm participating, so I can't give prizes. :wink:


I'm participating too!


Yes, trail art! I am good at that!
Time. To. Start.


I think I will be finish with my pixel art today or tomorrow!


I'm almost finish with my pixel art!

I just need to add some more text!


I have no idea how to do sin cos :pensive:


The deadline is changing

It is now August 15th at 5:00 pm ( EST)

Please tag the rest of ur team and let them know

For project related to Olympics, it really does have to be related to the Olympics. You could do the rings, or the torch etc.



Did u hear that guys ? @BB-Box @KatrinaPlays @WinningMonkey @Silverdolphin


Ok do u want to do. A project related to the olympics


I don't know because I have no experience with sin and cos though


A project related to the Olympics can be anything that's related to the Olympics. It doesn't that's to be sins and cos @WinningMonkey


Can I turn in my project now?


Yeah I think so .Goo luck