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So before you say that there is already s topic like this, I know but it hasn't been used for a while and mine is different. Also, I'm not fluent in German (I'm close) so we will all make mistakes






So I'll be accepting 5-7 students. Students are expected to do their homework and take tests. If you don't do your homework then you will be kicked out. You will be given a report card often and your grade is based off of test grades, participation (do you ask questions and are you active?), and homework. You are able to retake a quiz if needed. Please don't cheat. If you aren't active then you will be kicked out. Please be on a lot

How does this work:

So I will teach you something and probably ask you to take notes for homework. We might have a quiz right away. Please don't look back at what I taught you because you are cheating yourself.


Can you speak German at all?
Are you actually active?
Will you do your homework?
Will you retake tests if needed?
Please put this topic on watching if accepted



If you need the notes from any of the lessons and are too lazy to scroll thru the topic then look here. They is for doing homework not tests

lesson 1

Lesson 1- numbers and the alphabet

The german alphabet is made up of the same 26 letters as the English alphabet. Although the alphabet is the same, many of the letters (Buchstaben) are pronounced differently. The symbol ß is used instead of a double S in certain words. An umlaut can be added to vowels a, o, u, changing their pronunciation (ä, ö,ü)
In German all nouns are capitalized, no matter where they appear in the sentence. If you would like to know how to say something then say, " wie schreibt man das?" (How does one write this?)

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Check out this video for the alphabet song

ABC Song german - Learn german for kids - German Alphabet Song - German alphabet
Memorizing numbers 1-20 will help you learn numbers 21 and up
Every number up to one million is a single word. Numbers 13-19 add a zehn to each of the single numbers. A period is used to separate the thousand, millions etc. instead of a comma

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Check out this video for how to pronounce the numbers

German Numbers 1 - 20
Math in German:
% Prozent

A question on the quiz might be: sechs (6) plus sieben (7) ist ?. Then you will say dreizehn
six plus seven equals 13

lesson 2

Lesson 2- basic phrases

Originally we were going to have a math test but I changed my mind. Instead we will have a test on all of the phrases listed below so study them hard. The test is tomorrow. If your grade drops below a c- because you clearly aren't reading the lesson then you will be asked to leave. If it drops to below a c- but you are trying then stay.

Phrases: (needed to know for test)
Guten Morgen - Good Morning
Guten Abend - Good Evening
Gute Nacht - Good Night
Auf Wiedersehen - Goodbye
Prima- great
So lala- so so
Schlecht- bad
Night schlecht- not bad
Es tut mir Leid- I'm sorry
Entschuldigung- excuse me
Hallo- hello
Guten Tag- good day
Wie Heist du?- What's your name? (Informal)
Wie heißen Sie?- what's your name? (Formal)
Wie alt bist du - how old are you (informal)
Wie alt sind Sie - how old are you (formal)
Wie gehts? - how are you (informal)
Wie gehts es Ihnen- how are you (formal)
Woher kommst du?- where are you from?(informal)
Woher kommen Sie-where are you from? (Formal)
People:(not needed to know for test)
Der Mann- the man
Die Frau- the women
Der Freund: die Freundin- friend (male/female)
Der Junge- Boy
Das Mädchen-girl
There is informal and formal in german that changes the word but we will talk about that Soon. You might notice that some of the phrases are formal and informal. U ARE allowed to use google translate if you would like to hear how a word is pronounced because some of these are a bit tricky.

lesson 2 test

DO NOT look back at notes or look anything up. Please put the quiz in a folder. I will hear eit once you turn it in
Part one: write the word in Englisch
Guten Morgen -
Gute Nacht -
Auf Wiedersehen -
Nicht schlecht-
Es tut mir Leid-
Guten Tag-

It is related to hopscotch because we will code stuff for homework

I'm gonna take this seriously so you should too

Classes start when we have five ppl

When classes start, please don't comment on here unless you are part of the class
Students, ask quesitons whether u don't understand something

DONT use google translate to translate English sentences to german sentences. It does it incorrectly. You CAN use google translate to translate ONE word or to hear how something is pronounced

Eventually, the lessons will be taught in all german

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Can you speak German at all?no
Are you actually active?yes
Will you do your homework? If it's not impossible
Will you retake tests if needed?yes
Please put this topic on watching if accepted


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