German School of Hopscotch



Want to learn German, then use it in my next topic?

What is your Hopscotch username?
Why are you wanting to learn German?
Are you focused?
Will you repeat to me?
Will you use it in your code?

Glücklich Coding

People in!


What happens in a language school and how do you make one?
German lessons here!



I will join yours if you join my French one....


I already know French.
Je sais alredy français.


Ist es in Ordnung, wenn ich bereits kenne?


Wollen Sie mir beibringen helfen?


Mein Benutzername ist cloudyy, ich möchte mehr erfahren Deutsche weil ich einfach behalten wollen die Sprache in meinem Kopf, ich wiederhole, nachdem Sie und ich werde sie in den Code. Ich konzentriere mich am meisten der Zeit


I would rather learn


@Cloudy do you want to learn French?


Ok. I get it. Are you using a translater?


Please, be related to this topic


Sorry I am just desperate


Can I be in it
Because I want to learn more than one language
What do you mean


When I say something in English, you repeat in in German, or when I say something in German, you say it in Enlgish.


Oh then ok I'll do it


Nein, ich bin wirklich deutsch


I want to learn. I'll join! Here's the form!

Cause it sounds like a cool language, I am interested in learning it.
Not really... :confused:
Not sure what that means.
No. I dont code words, I just make games and draw mostly. (on Hopscotch)


Me too! But i know german



Oh, na dann.