Geometry Dash Question



I'm making a geometry dash that incorporates some of the same aspects of the original game, such as levels and jump pads, platforms and portals, but i can't figure out a functional way to create platforms as a solid object- let alone to where the square can't run into but can touch the upper side... Any help would be great, It also needs to be able to fall once the platforms moves past.


It's hard but @Stradyvarious knows a very good code for such a game :s


Did you look at the video?


The video doesn't teach platforms or physics :s


Ohh Yeah @Stradyvarious is really good with that and @Mathgirl!


Jump pads and portals are easy, but ask @Stradyvarious on platforms and other physics stuff


I'll try to describe how to make a character with collision sensors for a 2d platform game.

Get a character sprite.

Forever pace a | Vertical line close to sprites left
Forever place another vertical line at the sprites right
Forever place a horizontal line above the sprite so it almost touches the other two vertical lines.

When left vertical line bumps anything
Change (characters) x position by 5

When right vertical line bumps anything
Changes (characters) x position by -5

When horizontal line bumps anything
Change (characters) y position by -5

When character bumps anything
Change characters y position by ? (5)

This is just an easy way without adding code for physics.

Adjust this to suit your geometry dash game
something i forgot to mention
make sure when the character stands on a floor/object beneath it that the vertical lines have been placed high enough so only the characters feet/bottom are touching the ground.
otherwise the vertical lines will bump the ground