Geometry dash in hopscotch? (#legit) (not clickbaite)


Hey there guys I am free as a bird done with school so I can code more yay!

So I wanna do a collab.

An amazing collab.


(Like 5 levels it would be sick bruh)

So for you to join this collab I need some information from you (no I am nice)

Best project link:
What kinda stuff you do on hopscotch:
HS username:
Do you have the subscription?:
How long have you been hoppin':

That's it now this is a trading draft collab so we will see who does what and yeah.

(Btw your almost always gonna be accepted)

(Lol you clicked)


Looks cool.
I would love to join but I can't. I'll be busy this summer :(


Aww sorry about that, but you can still see how it goes and give helpful info!




I will come back to see the forms later,


Hi @Huggingfluffybear I unfortunately won't join but a great idea for this thing is to get images :wink:


Cool! I will also be pretty busy this summer (because the weather is so good right now), but I could be helping you with some of the code if you want. Just tag me if you need any help!


Best project link: I really don't know
What kinda stuff you do on hopscotch: Physics and fun games with a lot of physics, also RPG's
HS username: Something
Do you have the subscription?: No
How long have you been hoppin': Since sometime in 2015


Can you please fill in the username? Plus physics will be great.


May I see what you work on and Your username?


I made a group so I can tag everyone for this collab I will add ya'll


This is the group @GDcollab


I might want to participate! :smiley:

Considering Geometry Dash is one of my 2 favorite games, this will be fun! :smiley:


I rember your collab in GD itself


How did you make a group.


I have a geometry dash BG I made a while back, and if you are interested in using it, you can. I don't know if you have one already or anything, but the link is here.