Geometry Beats Mega Collaboration! 7 Spots Left



@JaszyKake is already the leader though... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sure! You can help me find more people for this collab and change the title every time someone joins e.g. 7 spots left , 6 spots left ect


May I please join?, don't have any in rising or trending I don't think?, though I have been on for almost a year and t1 follows me and liked one of my projects and I can't get to put the custom colours in, it's impossible on my ipad I think!!! ( for colour-pad thing) (and in hopscotch I am THE ORDER OF THE STONE and before my bad-ish account was Stampy's fans


People, I will not give you the password here! You need to email me at because I don't want people, randomly accessing the collab account!


I Will Work On A Character Selecting Screen! (You Can Copy My Code. I Don't Mind)


can you make the screen appear after the loading has finished?


Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Body Invaid


But Be Sure To Use Values :sweat_smile:.


I Did It! You Can Find It In #games ;3


Can I join? I've been on Rising, I've been on for 3+ months, and I can make a drawing pad with custom HSB colors.


Okay @MobCraft, you're in! :smile: But: can you fill out these security questions please?

After that, email

with your animals for the username/password! :wink:


Just worked a bit on it, I made a loading screen song.


1 project got on featured once, 403 (and counting) likes
Been on hopscotch since last August.
My drawing pad has 43 colors, mostly custom. That's it


Just made a cool song selection screen. I thinks you'll like it guys!


Can I join! I'll email you the facts


Sorry i have to decline joining.
I only collab on published projects and not projects that require secret usernames/passwords


Ok. That's ok 2020202020


P.S. JaszyKake, Which Character Would You Play As When You Release The Game?


Any thing not pink.
@Valgo I made a play button so as soon as the song select screen comes up you can play. But how do you make the things go invisible when play is tapped?


Did you see my email?