Geometry Beats Mega Collaboration! 7 Spots Left



Hi! I'm wanting to make a game called geometry beats, where you have to tap the iPad and jump on time for the beats! I need 10 people as coders. The requirements are:
At least 1 project on Featured or Rising
Has been on hopscotch for at least 3 months.
Can make a drawing pad with custom colours

There might be some exceptions! On here, comment why you want to be in this collab and type in your favourite colour and your favourite animal. Then email me at hopscotchcollabsjk@gmai Without the space with your fav colour and animal Only 10 spots left! So hurry! :wink:
Members currently:
Dancing Lollipop


Sure! But Actually I Have A Drawing Pad With Old Colors. And I Think Some People Know The HSB Pallete For Those Colors. I've Been Hopscotching Since May 2015. And My Donut Maker Project Got Into Featured!


Could you please email me with that stuff in it at


Can I help?
I would really like working on a game like that.
Will this be like guitar hero on playstation?


Sure! Just Waiting For My Mommy To Make Up Because I Do Not Have An email ■■■■■■■.


I Emailed You JazzyKate!


I would like to collaborate! My favorite color is Yellow (as you may be able to see from a lot of my projects), and my favorite animal is a chicken.


@Valgo is your pic a chicken's beak, then? You also remind me of a YouTuber but a bit different. (YES THIS ID OFF TOPIC PLEASE DON'T FLAG)


No, my pic is a V...


0.O kinda looks like a beak......


Can you email me? Because I don't want to show password here


Ok! You're in! :smiley: ugh Twenty characters


Can I compose the first song? It'll be in the music object!


Well, I think I just composed it. Sorry if you didn't want me to yet!


Sure you can compose it! I have to go practice my piano and violin and do my math homework so i will check it out later! :slightly_smiling:


Can I join?
I have one project on rising currently.
I have been on Hopscotch for more than 3 months.
I can make a drawing pad with custom colors. (I am working on a drawing pad currently there is a topic for it.)


Like I said you need to email me other wise I can't give you the password


Okay geez.


May I manage this thread/collab? :smile:

I have met all of these requirements. My favorite color is red, and my favorite animal is probably a cheetah or a cat. These questions are probably unnecessary though, as I don't actually need the pass/username because I don't have the app. :wink:


It's time for a poll! (for manager...)

(I wish I downloaded RB's gif first, before it got flagged...)