General Topics guidelines


Hi Hopscotchers!

First of all, thank you so much for your warm welcome!! I am so happy to see so many talented kids engaging here and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

You might have noticed that we have started to move and close some general topics so I thought it would be fair to share our reasons with you.

As you know the Hopscotch forum was created as a support platform where kids can discuss game development and help each other.

The many general topics clog up the forum making it more difficult for newcomers to find useful information.

I’ve also noticed that there are people who behave badly in general topics–being rude, negative, and really not making the forum the friendly welcoming place that we all would like it to be.

Here are some guidelines:

  • All general topics (GTs) need to be under the Random Stuff category.

  • If your GT turns into an unfriendly place, don’t be surprised if it gets closed.

  • If people are posting nasty things in your topic (or anywhere else) flag them to have them reviewed.

  • If you behave badly, you can expect your general topics to be closed, and if you continue, to lose your access to the forum.

I’m going to update the general forum guidelines as well so new people will know the rules in the future too.

I hope this will make the forum a nicer place for everyone!


Sorry was that why our two forums were being taken down?
Sorry bout that


Thank you for clarifying the rules, I’m sure that will make it easier to keep the forum tidy.


ok but im not talented
and thanks for being kind about enforcing these


Thanks for clearing this up, I was kind of wondering what guidelines you were using for general topics.

I have a question, though: if I only post Hopscotch-related stuff (with some exceptions, but not many) in my general topic, is it okay to have it in the Meta - Hopscotch category?


Thanks a lot @ana! Please also consult unrelated hopscotch topics.


Thanks for making this topic, @Ana! Nice to see these rules clearly laid out. :smiley:

Also, @Ana I think it might be useful to pin topics like this to keep everyone reminded.


she can handle it herself
no need to tell her what to do


Could you just not plz…I don’t want our other topic to be deleted too


Oh ok. Just a question, Why did JonnyGamer’s gt got closed?


is there anyway i can get my gt back


Welcome @Ana! I’m so glad that there’ll finally be some moderation on the forum and be from what I’ve read of your posts, you’ll be a wonderfully pleasant moderator to deal and communicate with which excites me more than I can describe.

Thanks for helping clarify this information and I hope that through your help everyone can clean up and streamline the forum so it can be more accessible to new Hopscotchers and older ones alike.

I can’t wait to see this community grow. Thank you.


Yes! This has been needed for so long, thanks Ana!


I think @Ana is gonna shape this forum back to regular shape…


Or at least into a better shape.


I can’t see the random stuff category though :confused:
Where is it? lol


So THAT’S why my GT disappeared…sorry :frowning:
How do you post stuff in the random category? And can I get my GT back?!


You’ll be able to see the random category when you are a member here.


How do I become a member? Do I just have to…wait? :confused:


Yes, you’d have to wait for a few more days.