General topic that died



exciting is the word you were looking for.


Whoopsie. That was autocorrects fault.


Hey @StarSwan
PSK says she misses you

Idk where your gt is so here


Ahh two people have already told me but ty!


@chalkboard so we don’t clog the art topic you can talk here or on another gt.


You know that chalkboard is just Kayro (I think), right?


@chalkboard you don’t have to do disco bot but it may be helpful
(You aren’t kayro tho, right?)


I’m not sure if chalkboard is, but Kayro made an alt called chalkboard last night and it was on hold, so…


Kayro is another artist, you can search her name, and they make you post 20 characters so you can’t spam a bunch of 1 letter posts and fill up topics without actually adding to the conversation. It might be helpful for you to check out the faq and this topic-


what no! I was gonna make one called chakbored but nah. then i was like… whiteboredfox! then i decided no.


@Toxiccato I see your pfp, I’m gonna screenshot that lol
thank you <3
mom said to leave today so I’m gonna be here till I go home. That’s following the rules.