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No ones on here but…
I found a salamander


cute. :3


Do you have different levels of art at your school? Or just one that everybody takes?


I didn’t want to clutter the art topic


No, we just take art like you said.

Since our school is so small our grade can only choose art, band or choir.


Are you in middle school? I’m in 9th grade and we have to get a fine art credit. Which is fine by me, because I love art.


Yeah. I’ll be in high school next year.

And that’s cool on getting a good art grade. I wish we had that at our school.


My middle school art class just taught the very very basics (like how to use a colored pencil)
It was sad.


Oh rip.

In 7th we learned to do 2 point perspective. It was really boring since it was just a review for me. But this year, we learned about 3 and 4 point, and now we’re onto doing bean art. It’s enjoyable, if not relaxing.


Sry I vanished, I had to do a test.
What’s bean art?


High school art looks very fun besides the fact freshmen can’t get into it at my school


This basically. It’s where you glue a bunch of beans onto a square of cardboard and make it look like a picture. The cardboard can warp if you don’t pace yourself, so basically just take your time on it.


Dang i wish i could draw wings like you and Gren


Psh I’m terrible when it comes to wings.


Well your better than me hhh


That is so cute!
My other choices for the fine arts credits where band, chorus, or orchestra, but than I would actually have to go do stuff


I was scrolling through your account bc I was bored, (that’s totally not weird) and I read your story called “the kings servant II”, and I wondered if there was an earlier part, and if there was, how can I find it? Thanks.


There’s like 9 parts? Just keep scrolling


yesterday I was going home and it started snoooowiiiiiing

For the second time this year but still super exiting!

Even though it wasn’t even an inch!

Still yay!
I love snow
Because it is very pretty
very very pretty