General topic that died



Ok! I can post some of it there, but i still have to keep my best art seprate. My mom wants me to make sure no one can plagiarize it. Is that ok, or can i not do that?


Oh okay, well, the rules are that you can’t really start another topic simply for your art. You could make this your general topic, and post art and chat here :slight_smile:

Try putting a watermark on it, like this:

You can always keep one photo with the watermark, and one without.


K. I’ll make it a general topic.


Okay, that sounds good :wink:

I love the plant drawings, by the way! If I had one critique, it would be to add a bit of shading, but they look really great!


Are there any other important rules? I dont want to get in trouble.


Take a look here:

Also, I wrote this up:


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Wow @Magnolia_bloom you’re great with plants!


Good art! I don’t usually draw on paper, but now and again on digital, here’s some random art:


Im… weird. I’m like this to, you know, hold on to my sanity. But.
Don’t get lost.


Inktober 1


Inktober 2


Hello! I have not seen you on the foru before, so hi.


Thanks for doing this! I gave in my ipad the day before you sent it to me. I love it!


Your welcome!
Wow that was so long ago


I know! Did i never notice before, or do you draw a lot more star wars?


Yes I do draw a lot more Star Wars.
I am also doing inktober but Star Wars themed.


I know there arent a lot of people on here, but i cant be on during the weekends. I will post the inktober art i do on monday. :grinning:


Hey guys! Before i go, you can send me requests for cats or other stuff. I promise I’m way better at drawing on paper than on hopscotch.
See everyone on monday!



:star_struck::grin::confetti_ball::cake::pancakes: :candy::cookie: :chocolate_bar:


Its my birthday! @hyperactive_fox happy birthday to you too! I will draw cake!