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Hi, this is my general topic.




Hi @StarCoder! I am SmileyAlyssa😊 on Hopscotch. I like your logo! Are you working on any new projects currently?


Yes I am, I am working on a game which is a miniature world made with pixel art. The aim of the game is to find all the hidden chests in the lowest time possible, while avoiding zombies :zombie:‍♂️! I see you liked my slime boxer game too.


I have noticed that since I joined the hopscotch forum lots of people are checking out my hopscotch account. Thanks!


Hey guys check out my Slime Boxer project:

it is really fun to play with friends because you can compete to get the lowest time.


Hi @StarCoder! Welcome to the Forum! I’m Kitkat26! If you ever need anything, just tag me like this: @Kitkat26

Do you have a Hopscotch account? If so, what is the username?


@Kitkat26 yes I do the username is StarCoder🌟


Just released a new version of Slime Boxer it fixes a bug that will show more than 6 hits sometimes.


Hello! My name is @HopscthcRemixer on HS my username is OfficialHopscotchRemixer(you may have heard of me). I really enjoy playing your projects! It is good to have you on the forum!


Check out my Terrain Generator 4.0:


Thank for te folow


Hello @StarCoder! I agree with @SmileyAlyssa, I really like your profile picture! Did you code it yourself in Hopscotch?


No, but I have coded it before in hopscotch.


No problem. ummmmmmmm…20 characters


If you need more charecters you can do <hbihbihbihnijnjo> to increase the charecter count


@William04GamerA I like your barcode project, is it ok if I try to make the same thing(I’ll give you credit)


If you don’t want to show your 20 characters put a bunch of characters in a '< >. Like this
(Quote reply me to see them)


Thank you! Feel free to make one yourself! You don’t need to give me any credit if you don’t want too.


Hi, @StarCoder!
My name is @Swati_Bang!
Some of the other people that commented on this topic are amazing forumers/hopscotchers, so I HIGHLY recommend you check them out!!
Be sure to tag me using the @ sign (@Swati_Bang) if you have any questions!