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Hi. I am @AwesoemKid69 and I am new too the Forum.

I finished the Discobor challenge and got the certified badge

I am now a full memner, rite?

Nice to met you all!


Hey there awesome kid!

Welcome to the forum!


Yeah welcome to the Forum I hope you have lots of fun I’m fattcat BTW


Thank you @Fluffymarshmellow and @Fattcat


No problem glad I could help


Welcome to te forum


Nice to meet you, welcome to the forum!



welcome 2 forum.

we talk.

about stuff.




welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Youre a full member now, but eventually you can become a regular and get even more privileges such as renaming other topics.

You can say this for a more advanced tutorial:

@discobot start advanced user


Welcome to the forum I’m new too if you need anything just tag me @Aroha but since I haven’t been on very long I’m still learning too😁


hi dere
I would like your post but I ran out of likes and I only just woke up


If you want to know about this forum’s rules for digital etiquette, you might find that there are some robots/staff that will send you notifications. These might contain helpful information. Also, when you create a topic thingy (like the one you just did), the rules for what to type and what not to will forever be at your side. Your right side. Well, not after you click the post button, but you get the point.

BTW, I’m @ExistenceExistsToday and my Hopscotch app username is “Existence Exists Today”.


Thank you everyone!

Nice to met you all!


You seem really polite and awesome!


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you @Hermione for welcomeing me to the ahopsocters Against ■■■■■■■■ and the Forum!!!



you might want to stay away from me if u want to stay on topic


That is okay! As long as you are a funny and nice person, I won’t stay away from you :smiley:


haha im not very funny

thanks though


A lots of people have a general topic to talk to their friends. Can I change my topic to a general topic? I did it!