General Topic Category?



There are a lot of random topics in Latest. Maybe we could have a new category for general topics. Idk. Just an idea. @Ana

The photo is bigger if you click on it.



I didn’t see that. That topic is over a year old with no new posts. Time to make a new topic! I honestly didn’t see that.


Yes, that’s a great idea! I can’t find anything but GTs in the random stuff category.


A GT section might make look Hopscotch also be made for chatting too…


I think that a general topic category would be great in order to categorize the forum in a more effective way. And also, @Aariv to sort of solve your issue with the idea, we could maybe make a general topic category be a sub-category of the random category, so people don’t see it at first, but it is still good for organization.