General topic /// bye ig



ya tots me 2 kid prez


i drew it do u like it a lot?


Only if u dislike YT rewind 2018 and sub to pewds


i forced my brother to do that too




exksdie bowwow

i already did that silly kitty! #:love_you_gesture::crazy_face::fuelpump::tomato:


o to the woah cuz it’s time to blow


haha new news just in: carpet is secretly a stupid rat bum press f for her to leave forever :((

  • ffff
  • ffff

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me: makes an alt and posts a drawing so i won’t look like stinky bum

also me: stinky bum smh

my alt: carpet is dumbo rat kid SMH



smh smh smh

im stupid this is so sad press f to pay me respect ty ty ty


lol tfw ppl think u only act a certain way and once u act differently no one cares lmo lmo


tfw ppl don’t think u can draw. and ngl u really can’t

but like ok


guys look i drew ugly blood drop hand yeetus


@SmilingSnowflakes hi what’s up


hi nm im just drawing


i was doodling a bit before but that’s it

also nice bro

what are u drawing?


just two of my characters


epic :000

making characters is so much fun but sadly my characters never last to long

what are their names?




that’s super cool!

have u made them any backstories or something?