General topic /// bye ig



i literally don’t no

i wld remove it but…i don’t have regular smh


m y a do u have regular


Regular bro at ur service I will insert a new super cool tag of ur liking


add gruchie gang k and remove the hatty one

anyways i gtg cya


Sounds gruchie see ya have a good nap



see liza said to be respectful so uh


hey @kitty4u want to be good friends!!


Cawpet I spawtted you


bff time transform pew pew


marpet eeeEEEEE

Edited this in:
Ignore it



:beginner: G R U C H I E :beginner:


Wow u took the word right out of my Mouth


mya u are also a giraffe??!


No I am not a giraffe sorry
Wat do you mean ALSO


O no carpet
Are you a furry


what is wrong with being a giraffe human? :((


It is really bad u could get ur neck stuck in the juice box straw


i am going to show u my fursona give me 2 secs!


Oh pls don’t carpet I don’t want to háte u


Oh it’s gonna be McQueen isnt it hmmmm