General Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic

Plus I don’t really see the harm in having one topic unrelated to coding ://


I agree with what everyone else has said. Right now, the forum looks like a desolate place, and not everyone really likes it anymore. Just adding a topic where people can be as off-topic as they want would help.

  • General Discussion Topic = as is
  • General Code Topic = anything about code, under #meta-hopscotch
  • General Project Updates = as is, but under #meta-Hopscotch so that lower TLs can see it

It’s all because “new users found it cliquey”

Can’t just drop off all those people who stuck with you for so long, ya know? Nobody wants a place that feels so lifeless now. New users would not like something lifeless either just to be on topic, would they?


You know what, I kinda agree.

You see when I go to the GDT and I see someone ask “Coding anything?” It makes me think that they ask that for the sake of being on topic and not because they really want to ask that question.

I kinda agree but as you said, THT probably won’t allow.


Honestly i dont get that complaint 100%.

Sure some people talk to limited people im no exception but sometimes people just have friend groups


I agree with that


I agree with this


I agree with this but I’m concerned that forumers might use the GDT more frequently than the other two and it might defeat the purpose of this forum which is to talk about coding.

Maybe there should be limitations on how often the gdt is used.


Yeah but it’s far better than a single topic to serve the purpose of 2 of the Suggestions (code discussion / discussion) and having it close super often


Yeah you are right.

The current gdt frequently closing is kinda annoying.


I feel like the rules on the drawing topic should be better communicated. Already in the past 24-48 hours 2 problems have occurred because of unclear rules.

I also feel like leaders should give out warnings rather than a quick closure or banishment.

Idk, just gonna leave this criticism here.


Truth. I don’t think it was fair the the Artist Topic got closed yesterday for something somebody didn’t even know was wrong (it didn’t say anything in the rules that you couldn’t repost you portfolio? I even checked; so how would they know?).

Side note; I get the Hopscotch team is cautious about the amount of images posted a day, but it feels kinda premature for the moderators to get mad at a user like that.

@AmiiboTrash same, my interests are pretty weird too. :pensive: Sorry for the late reply, I ran out of replies the other day so I couldn’t post.
But that’s cool, I’ll check your Art Portfolio on the Artist Topic, later!! :00 I’ve never played fire emblem, but my friend love it, oof.
Also what’s your favorite Papa Louie game? I don’t really have a favorite, but I used to love the “when pizza’s attack series,” my favorite in the series was probably the ice cream one.

Also glad that the mods are taking our opinions, @fearlessphoenix thanks! :))
Also do you know when I’ll be able to earn basic user?

Sorry for the really long reply. I just want to conserve my replies so I don’t run out of them like yesterday.


Is it truly a GDT if all we talk about is code? Why not just have it named the “Coding Discussion Topic” ?


That’s what we’ve been wondering for months


That would make so much more sense


I concur wholeheartedly it’d be better if the leader gave u a gentle warning or smth instead of freakin out and prescribing immediate punishment
In this case if the leader had said “hi!! Sorry if this wasn’t quite made clear in the rules at the beginning of the topic, but it’s against the rules to repost portfolios in that way, because otherwise too many photos get published. We understand that ur intentions were good and u meant no harm and likely did not know, so just fix it up and here’s a warning to not do it again :+1: have a nice day!!!” or smth like that
I’m sure the forumer (I think it was amiibo?) would have been understanding
To me this seems more effective (and also more endearing) than just tHATS ILLEGAL :x: TOPIC CLOSED BONK BONK ON THE HEAD BYE
Idk maybe that’s just ole soft hearted me :woman_shrugging:t3:
Hopefully I don’t get the topic closed for saying this speaking abt leaders in anything but wholely positive light seems against the rules even though freedom of speech is supposed to exist


I agree completely. It was only a misunderstanding and I don’t think it’s fair that they closed the topic for 6+ hours & made such a big deal out of it.
Ngl, I probably would’ve done the same thing- who would’ve thought reposting your post was illegal…:flushed:


Not only did they punish the person who did it and probably made them feel like they were accused of robbing a bank, they punished everyone else too what is this kindergarten??? We’ll all suffer because of one persons misunderstanding???


Facts!! If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought Amiibo posted something inappropriate, but they literally just reposted their portfolio. :clown_face: