General Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic

i have a concern w something but i need to post screenshots bc the posts were deleted, unless i can post in a topic where images are allowed or are they all banned

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Images aren’t all banned.

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so can i post my concern in the gdt or wherever images are allowed

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Oh btw you can’t post links either lol

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They can’t post here, it’s sort of like a private place for people to complain (but not harshly)


@tankt2016 try linking this post in the Gdt


Hi @Scantron46


I tried linking google, it didn’t work.

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basically fearless said for certain people to edit their old posts for their thoughts on something then said “don’t edit old posts. i’ve told you this before”
this was also a hmmm situation bc they said that editing old posts was problematic beforehand


have a virtual like from me: :heart:


So, the thing is when people edit old posts, it means they have a concern they want to share privately. When the GDT closes, you cannot edit posts to continue the discussion.

Tell me if I need to elaborate more


a message to leaders:

stop :clap:t3: punishing :clap:t3: people :clap:t3: who :clap:t3: said :clap:t3: one :clap:t3: thing

please and thank you


Hey leads! These posts were kinda separated, so here’s the idea!
-Tankt asked about editing TDT
-Ref asked about autocorrect

(bruh the topic getting moved again is another thing i completely forgot to mention haha)

@Jazz @Ana might wanna see this, specifically that one on the rude behavior

ayo it’s me, your favorite neo. after recent events, i feel very obligated to speak my mind about this issue. leaders on hopscotch are great. they add a lot to the hsf, but, they can also take away from the forum experience, for me and for many others. the hsf also has many rules and regulations that make using it a pain. here’s just a list of points as to why i think that leaders, (and the hsf as a whole.), are an issue.


@Leaders, i am, in no way, taking potshots at you. i am just pointing out what i see are issues with the forum, and they way it runs.

@omtl, don’t get too riled up.


– too trigger-happy with gbot or sot –

this is just annoying. we get it, you want us to stay on topic. but if i only make two off-topic posts, is it that bad? i was planning on getting back on topic, so please lay off. for example, here is an account i had with a leader that will remain anonymous on the general topic.

NeoPixel: hey sorry i was just on the phone with my grandma lol

anon: gbot or i’ll be forced to close

NeoPixel: i said one thing can you like stop

(that last post ended up getting edited to say “[post edited by leader: icl]”. can someone say salt?)

– overkill punishments –

this goes two ways:

  1. sometimes we just want to talk for two minutes about something other than coding for two minutes without getting the topic closed for four hours. picture a person coming back to the gt to ask an actual question about coding, and coming back to a four hour closure for three off topic posts. that four hour closure punishes the rest of the people using it, which doesn’t make sense. why punish someone else for another’s mistake? at that point, why not just mute the person who is off topic? and then when that user goes to make a topic for what they were trying to say in the general discussion topic, they get reprimanded and their topic closed and archived. really?

  2. referencing the return of the ‘16 Golden Era of OG’s coming back, many people who only said one or two things, such as MrHotDog64 and GysvANDRegulus, have been named an offshoot of “anon” with an obscure number behind it. even some who said nothing hurtful at all, like Waffle_Draws and Dude73, have been struck with the “anon” curse. if they could talk, i’m sure they would have much to say about this.

– rude language –

if you head over to the actual post, you’ll see that it’s actually bolded and enlarged. as you can see, there is no please, there is no thank you, there is no subtle move to switch topics. there is just a big, bold, reprimand. there are many more examples of said rudeness on the forum, i’ll list another one here.


“Gwe, rodrik, what part of drop it do you not understand?”


– general topics make no sense —

if it’s a general discussion topic, why can you not talk about anything else. the formal definition of the word “general” is "
affecting or concerning all or most people, places, or things; widespread.". notice how nowhere in there does it ever say just coding. you took away our general topics, so at least let us talk about what we want on the topic M E A N T for general discussion! i think everyone and their mama complained about general topics when they were allowed, and we did ask for a compromise like this. one unified topic where you can talk about whatever you want. never did we say only coding related.

– perms constantly in rotation –

spin the wheel, spin the wheel, wherever it lands, that perm is gone! oop, you landed on edit, that must mean that you send secret messages with edit or links to naughty websites! guess the 1/1,000,000 people who do that will be really mad!

seriously. this helps nobody. obviously, i’m just joking above, but taking away perms does nothing but aggravate the people using your forum. and even so, we aren’t allowed to talk about it. it’s whacked. if you catch people using forum features for something that they aren’t supposed to do, just ban them, or mute them, or take away their privileges. obviously it would take more work on your parts, but at least you won’t run afoul the 95% of people that use those perms the way they should.


I respect your opinion, but the leaders have to do what they have to do in order to keep this place coding related and kid friendly. It’s what they’re meant to do. I totally see your point tho


Hmmm… you make a good point but the leaders try to make the forum so that we are all doing the right things. Maybe some changes to what power leaders have could make a difference.


i understand, but the methods that they use do not help the forum. rather, it’s a hinderance to most users who use the forum for it’s intended purpose. by just making one change that’s listed up there, it would make a huge difference.


most definitely it will.


I was just going to say that, but the leaders place isn’t a problem, they are a good addition to our community, just that some can be kind-er maybe? Like ampov they are doing pretty good rn, but maybe for other people they may change.