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wow thank you Jazz! That was really effective and inspirational!


I have no input or decision making regarding suspensions. :confused: But I can tell you that if such a reversal happens, it is partly due to the respect and humility behind the request, acknowledging the infraction and recognizing the need to make changes.
Does that help answer your question?


Yeah, it does. Thanks, Jazz!


I have actually added this to my bookmarks if you do not mind, it is a good way for me to reflect on myself!


How often/when is this checked by mods?

Is this what mods use it for, according to the Privacy Policy:

Could you put the Privacy Policy and TOS links onto the sign-up screen? I suggest this because most likely some of the people that join this forum are under 13


I assume you’re referring to the guidelines. There are actually two locations for guidelines here on the forum: the one linked above and then one in the one here:

Community Guidelines?

Within the leadership training and references, all the leads have access to these along with additional guidelines they have to follow.

Also, THT has chosen to refer to current team as Leaders rather than mods because there are some differences in their responsibilities compared to the former mods. (Hence why I respectfully ask users who remember those days to refrain from camparisons! Lol)


Just saw your edit… @UTheDevHS,

My role here is to mentor your peer Leads. Only Admins have full access to personally identifying information. Furthermore, they are the only ones with the permissions to make the changes you’ve recommended.

Your suggestions are sound and I respect the logic behind it. I strongly recommend that you email THT with your ideas! Be sure to lay out your case clearly with supporting documentation.


Alright, thanks!


No prob!


Those are exactly my concerns and I’ll observe for a little longer and maybe write a report on what I’ve seen in the forum with new leadership.


I’m sure everyone complained about this. But I’m here to say this again: I don’t think “there might be someone younger who would be disturbed by it” is ever a strong argument. I’m a child as well and most of the users here but we rarely see anyone younger than ten on the forum. It is a relatively small community and most users are between the ages of eleven and fifteen. I really don’t think an unlikely possibility of a person a few years our junior being on this forum and seeing a specific disturbing post on a specific topic is ever a strong reason of writing something in a certain way.

A better reason for removing something is when there is actually disturbing words or images posted and there are people finding it disturbing and wanting it to be removed. @DestineViolet thinks the standards should be set by the community, and I agree.


Thank you so much! You are way better at writing than I am.



I’d like to thank you for bringing your concern here. I understand that the implementation of the new Leaders has ruffled a few feathers in the forum, but for the most part, we’ve been hearing very positive comments and encouragement from community members.

While it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be satisfied, I do have a perspective that I’d like to share with you…but I’m going to do this in an unorthodox way.

When I was growing up, I had an elderly neighbor who opened her door almost anytime a kid in the neighborhood wanted to play with some of the vintage toys she kept. She always had a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. But in order to play at her house, she expected that we follow her house rules. I remember how upset I was one time when I was asked not to come back for a week because I had mistreated a sibling while in her home. She had every right to make that decision because she owned the home and I was only a guest.

In a similar way, Hopscotch is like that neighbor. The creators of Hopscotch opened a store where kids could play freely with some blocks and pay to play with other blocks. As their business grew, they decided to open a side room where kids could more easily ask questions about the blocks, talk about how they played with the blocks, collaborate on the creation of new block projects, and socialize in general…so long as they were willing to abide by certain ground rules that the owners established.

As the business side of the Hopscotch house grew, so did the side room. But as that collaboration room grew, there were kids who decided that they didn’t have to abide by the house rules or that they should get the right to make their own rules. In the process, conflicts arose that caused some kids to get hurt, others to walk away from the house altogether to avoid the messes, while still others simply wanted everyone to work together and work on block projects…the real reason why the side room was open in the first place.

So, the home owners decided to remind people of the house rules and look for kids who had played there long enough to know the rules and who had demonstrated the kind of courtesy that they felt best represented the business and the positive environment they wanted to foster among the children in the neighborhood. These kids would still play with their friends and keep playing with blocks…they were just given a few extra responsibilities to help keep the room clean and encourage the house rules to be followed.

I like stories because they take us out of a difficult situation and gives us another angle to view a problem. I will not patronize you to explain how this story relates to the forum. You are an intelligent person and probably got my point long before I finished the story.

I only ask two things:

  1. Accept the fact that Hopscotch owns the house. They created the toys and opened the side room. That gives them every right to set the house rules as they deem appropriate. That doesn’t mean we can’t appeal to them for changes, but it always means that they set the standard. By entering their house and using their toys, we have agreed to those rules.
  2. Your peer Leads just want to keep playing with their friends and the blocks that brought them to the house in the first place. Yes, they’ve been entrusted to help keep the room clean, but as long as everyone follows the house rules, there is no reason to see them as enemies.

I have gotten to know your Leads pretty well in the last couple of weeks. They all care very much for the environment of the forum but they want their friends to still see them as friends. Better yet, as more kids in the neighborhood decide that the house rules really aren’t too shabby, the door will be opened for additional peer Leads.

I do not work for Hopscotch, nor have I met any of them in person, but I see them all as highly intelligent people who are quite capable of deciding what rules they want followed in the house they built and pay for. If, however, you disagree with their competence to make their own rules and choose the Leaders they have chosen, I personally invite you to air your grievance with them directly rather than expressing your dissatisfaction in a way that appears underhanded and subversive.

To contact Hopscotch directly, please email them at


Wow, thanks, that’s actually a good explanation. I’m going to probably link a lot of people to this explanation :slightly_smiling_face:


Just give them time to adjust

They’ve only had this for two weeks

If in a month, this continues, then we can further discuss this issue


I know, I just wanted to give them a little feedback that I have started to see a habit of and things like that.


The main point of my post is to encourage people to use more convincing arguments for posting clean content than my dissatisfaction with the guidelines. Of course, I think the guidelines could be more explicit and I plan to email THT about it. I’m mostly tired of how a weak point is made again and again and many people are tired of hearing of it.

I do have a problem with your analogy. A person’s home is very different than an online forum. A person’s home is their private property and while a forum technically belongs to THT, it is a public platform. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t reform the rules if we truly want to community to thrive. THT does have the right to make whatever rule they want, but when there are too many people who see certain rules as unnecessary, there would be a backlash.

I go on various social media platforms and this forum isn’t my core focus. But I stay because I love the community and so do many others. There are various platforms out there that have plenty of freedom with more explicit guidelines. However, to many people, this community is special to them and I am especially attached to this place as well.


We are not merely guests to the forum. The community is like a second home to some and a place filled with great memories to others. I’m sure everyone wants the community to grow. In order for any community to grow, it should be reformed and changed according to need.

(Yes, I’m writing an e-mail to THT right now.)


First. The leaders, I believe are doing good acts in the community. I feel like what they are doing is what a leader should be doing
There was the Dt, which, shouldn’t have been changed, and the mental health topic with should have been edited in my opinion, but besides that, it got smoothly.
I have one suggestion
I’m not sure how you can fix this, but
When a leader comes, I feel really nervous that I said smth wrong, when a leader comes on maybe the first thing they reply is if they are here to say a nice comment, here it say smth you did wrong, or here to talk
The leaders are amazing, and im so glad they are improving the community


There were probably people who felt that one elderly neighbor’s house was their second home. That still doesn’t mean they shouldn’t follow her rules.