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Until we find a better solution, the only sites allowed are well known resources with large viewership and have their own moderation. Does that help? (I know it doesn’t help for your desired shares, but there are a few possible ideas floating around behind the scenes. I just can’t tell you when something will be implemented or not.)


Yeah, I know I can’t really expect that request to go anywhere, but Google does have decent moderation in general. I just think the measures taken to prevent COF have gone to the point where they aren’t helping the community anymore (but that’s just me) – people who cof will always find a way to do it, no matter what’s taken away from them. A link could be in a secret message that is linked a month later, or a link could be postd on github. There’s always a workaround and it needs to be stated clearly in the guidelines and tos why cof is banned


Right now, things are being tightened because we are being made aware of some very serious abuses. I can’t disclose any specifics other that an assurance that there are valid reasons to reign in the contact sharing.


Yeah, it’s really just an idea to throw out there (without any expectations), because I have my projects I’d like to highlight and everything on there. It really hasn’t been as much of a problem in the earlier days, and innocent users just suffer from this. I just thought that people who go to such extents to break rules kinda deserve what they get if they know the consequences (which could be added to the guidelines as to why cof is banned)



No prob. You can read this later.

Google forms do collect data (that’s what they’re designed for). Further, the issues coming to the surface began here and were taken elsewhere. Some started before the Leadership team was reintroduced. As I mentioned, I really can’t say more for the protection of users, but it is more serious than some people realize. The guidelines do indicate the consequences here, but we have no control over user issues elsewhere.

One other note,

While sharing suggestions is certainly appreciated, it feels like you’re fighting for something. Maybe I’m misunderstanding (certainly possible…I am human, lol!), so my apologies if that isn’t your intent. But it isn’t productive to keep pushing for something that has already been considered and denied—especially with reasoning behind it. Please keep looking for solutions, just propose them with respect and a clear outline of both benefits and potential consequences.

You’re an incredible asset to this forum and the HS/coding community. Don’t stop being who you are. Just know that this is still a forum targeted to minors. Adult forums will not share all of the same restrictions (though they will have their own restrictions on content). As you age into older communities, your input will be even more valued for practicing your skills of respecting authority here. Does that make sense?


yeah, cool :sunglasses:

I just figured that the problem of COF would be smaller if we had this in the guidelines:


I have passed on your suggestion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :grin:


No problem! I just thought that it would be useful to let the user knows why CoF is banned so that way it would be less likely for them to do it. Glad I could help!


you may wanna change this…


Haha! Thanks! OP has been updated.


Bc Jazz needed to give a very long explanation.


Hey leaders! Just wondering, Are links to imgflip accounts allowed on the forum? Or could someone get suspended for that


@Jazz, just wanted to say that I absolutely love the way that new leadership has been implemented, as well as the way that it has been actively run. I really admire how smoothly things run now, and it makes the whole forum run much smoother. I especially appreciate how involved you, as well as THT, are in this process. While I can’t attribute everything good the leaders do to you and THT (Sorry! :joy:), I really think it makes a difference to have an extra layer of supervision. The leaders are all awesome on their own, but it helps to have even more support. I’ve seen the forum have many highs and lows, but this is definitely a high. Just wanted to say thanks. It’s making a difference. :)


ok, so I generally don’t notice CoF because I generally don’t care about it but, I did recently find a user with a link that led to a personal website… those aren’t allowed right??? @Leaders ???


Pardon my lack of omniscience…:smirk: I’m not familiar with that site. I will certainly ask and get back with you.

In the meantime, this is from the Community Guidelines:


Ok because there is a user who has a link to that in their bio. I believe there has been a statement that it will be removed, but I have yet to see action taken and the claim was made at least a week ago. It is an external site that enables cof so I would hope action would be taken against that immediately


Exactly. I’ve actually seen that before!


Correctomundo, Jedi! The concern with sharing certain kinds of links is that the more places you can be connected to, the more likely your real identity and location can be discovered. A user could unknowingly jeopardize the safety of themselves and their family. No one in THT nor any of the Leads want to see that happen to anyone.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m unable to do anything more than apparently what has been done, but I can pass it on through my sources. :+1:t4:


No process is perfect and no major changes are simple, so I appreciate your vote of confidence as well as the assistance you, yourself, have offered during the transition. :sunglasses: