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Lol the hypocrisy is so real

She should’ve been informed by the other members that YT channels can’t be shared (due to cough CoF) but apparently she wasn’t. This is kinda hypocritical on THT’s part, but at the same time, maybe they didn’t have the time or just didn’t tell her. Regardless, she should’ve been told as a member of THT and the very same team who said we couldn’t share links. Anyhow, it also proves the guidelines are way too strict and overprotective, as you said.


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20 of 33 posts are about poor tone, meaning only 13 of 33 are related to topic and discussion. Intervention needs to occur elsewhere. Convos such as this do not create a friendly environment for anything.


Agreed, and I was yelled at for trying to help mediate the situation. It turned out to be a misunderstanding, yet the Leads went full kahoots (great game) on me because I said “abrasive.” Bruh I’ve been called abrasive before, and even though I didn’t like it, I didn’t lash out and go on a lecture spree. I was trying to help, but misunderstood the context of the post. We, as human beings, do that.

This gives me the vibe of not intervening when necessary (or when thought to be necessary) because now I get chastised for trying (at least trying and making an effort)

I mean understand I was trying to help, but just because I said “abrasive” in a perfectly normal context, I was criticized for being “offensive” and “mean” (the like) “Oh it’s not the nicest thing.” Well the Leads should’ve thought of that before calling me abrasive, true or untrue.

To loosely quote Green Day: “We’ll see how go.dless of a forum we have become”

Evidence: See screenshots above

Edit: Just expressing annoyance. Nothing personal to the Lead involved or anybody involved :slight_smile:


Guys, what is this? The fact that we didn’t make an official announcement about it means that we just didn’t have time to do so yet. The guidelines are already updated.

Kayla is right and we did decide to make an exception for YouTube videos to give you the ability to express your creativity and share your experience in a different format.

You should tune down your efforts in finding negativity in every Hopscotch step.


It’s just confusing to us users because it goes against what the guidelines say. It goes against what we’ve been told.

We didn’t know the guidelines have been updated to accommodate this. Our bad

Part of me and AE’s confusion. Our bad.


I haven’t seen this specifically but I do agree that focus here is not good.

But, this does seem to happen every so often, and I will direct users to my Q and A answer to this, because it does seem like the leads try to avoid mentioning anything about it. (Note: please feel free to edit anything there if it is not accurate)

I can attest to this point – they’ve never given us a straight answer then a reason of why we don’t talk about it. The only response we get is “we don’t talk about this”.

Correction: sometimes a leader answers it properly. Other times it is just “we don’t talk about that”.

That’s why I made the Q and A as well: to answer this specifically while not drawing attention to the intricacies of any situation where this does happen.

I do see this point clearly. I wouldn’t say attention-driven, but more so just breaking a habit. Closing accounts upon request for a couple months would be a good solution.


Yee sometimes I need a break, but can’t get off the forum lol


Apologies. In that case I’ll remove my post

Ok, so that’s how I am seen now: as someone who goes out of their way to bring up negativity…

I just wrote what I saw. I’ll follow up later


Heh, me too. 'Tis sad


Is the “omtl” tag still in use? I saw a post about using a long list of people who want to be tagged and that they can add and remove themselves.


Yep, there’s a group for it now.


Welp I requested to be in omtl group and they accepted me then removed me


Wait so to tag omtl I have to use the list from that topic?

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Nah just do @ omtl without the space and it will tag the group


Okay I’m really sorry it took me so long to respond.

So first off, trust level criteria. This part I don’t actually have a problem with. I think the system makes sense, and it should stay the way it is.

It’s the actual levels that I have a problem with. I think that regulars and members currently are quite similar. And I don’t believe this is how it was initially intended, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that. Think there should definitely be more involvement with regulars in things happening on the forum. And of course, not all things should involve the regulars — there’s leaders for a reason. But as of right now it feels pretty much the same to be a member or a regular, except for maybe one topic and a few responsibilities.

And maybe it’s just from my perspective, I could be wrong, but it feels like regulars are trusted just as much as members. And for both trust levels, it almost feels like we’re looked down upon in some ways. Everything is “behind the scenes” and something we can’t know. I do understand this to a certain point — leaders are chosen becuase they’re good for it, and the right people. And that is how it should be. I just think some more transparency could be nice. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’m just trying to get out all my points.

As for what I personally have done, honestly, it’s not that much, which is something I truly would like to change. But I know a lot of other people have helped out it bad situations, kept people calm, and been great explaining things to new users. All in all many of the regulars on this forum do a lot setting a good example for other users, and helping out around with some smaller things.


Not just you


Not just you either m8


Yee I touched on that in my forum memoirs


A bit late but this is a wonderful post. Amazing job with this @Awesome_E


My question is why am I getting likes from posts that are a year old lol