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Wow, that must feel really special.

In fact I’ve been trying to see who owned omtl.


I feel it’s an exploration, and they should have an option to block it


Yeah that should be a thing but sadly it isn’t.


Haven’t gotten in a real conversation with somebody on here I awhile…


Maybe we could recommend it on


Yeah, but then you would be interacting with the makers of discourse; and by that I mean you might want to be meticulous about what you say on the meta forum.


That is allowed, and isn’t considered communication outside the forum


I mean they are the devs of Discourse, the software the forum runs on


I wonder what the longest gif in the world is.


When you mean communicating outside the forum, you mean YouTube, websites, and calling or email?


Technically all of that is communication outside the forum, because the HSF mods can’t moderate all of them


When was the last time though? I mean, I’m all for rules, but you know, when was the last time your parents went 10 miles an hour over the speed limit and got pulled over? A while hopefully.


No one owns it.


Petrichor do you have the cheat codes to ninjago game on the switch


The LEGO ninjago movie one? Let me look for some


No but whatever I’ll find it


Good idea! But perhaps you should make a tag list for this topic?


I don’t know.


That would be a great idea!


Come join the Party! YAY