General Questions- Ask any small questions you have here!



nah it’s cool bro. These other children know the risks, they choose to take them. You don’t have to.


Yes, you can.

To both of those qs


how do you do that then?

(not threatening anyone currently in podcat, definietly not with a kife either. wink wink)


How tho


I think it’s okay to do face and voice reveals jmo tho


I think mods can search up someone’s username on the search bar, and then they could see what you posted.


I mean I still don’t understand why people hide their profiles, if you don’t want people to see your bio…don’t write one!




There are a couple different ways.


It’s against the forum rules/community guidelines


yeah same, and you can’t like filter their posts now.


I do it for privacy reasons


could you
say them


Some people don’t want to see what they have “liked” or “interacted with” to the world. So they hide their profiles.


I know but never mind the rules I just don’t think it’s dangerous or whatever


Most common one is to go into groups and then click on a group like the OMTL and then search the users name. You see they’re last post and last seen time.


But you can still see what posts they have liked…


Yeah I use that all the time (casually flexing on the 3rd biggest tag list on the forum, which I own)


but not directly, if the profile is hidden


Ah I see very cool


Yeah it kinda is.

Try it on a person with a hidden bio