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Is it ok to post a google hangouts video calll link here? (here on this forum not here this topic)


No, I think that would be considered communication outside the forum.


Yes, and it would basically be a form of a face reveal and a voice reveal.


I am confusion! you say no but you say yes?


Yeah depends on the settings of the call though


I mean like if there weren’t cameras.


I wouldn’t do it just to be safe. Some users have gotten banned for communication outside the forum


Still no, it would be violating privacy, and some parents aren’t ok with that


I know that, but the only way you can avoid voice and face reveals is messaging, which might leak your email on hangouts.


Are you able to check if somebody is on or spam like someone when their profile is hidden?


Gobli, TrustFalls, Grizzles, the Chicken Twins, Healeyboi, Jordan and probably someone else too but idk.


I believe the only way to know would to see if they are posting and/or liking


You have heard their voice?


I saw the google hangouts link, but didn’t go in.


Yeah I don’t think that is allowed…


you saw nothing. jedi mind trick


ok. I’ll just erase all mention of it, here.


Ok that would be the safe thing to do


And I wouldn’t have anyways, for the sake of my privacy.

(I don’t intend to sound mean)