General Question Category idea?


Hey everyone!

I love the new layout with all the new topics, but that also meant I had to sort through all my "Help With Code" topics..
I realised that it would be very very handy if there was a "General Hopscotch Question" category!

What do you guys think??

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@Milkypup lol
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Cool idea! They should do it, and maybe a 'General Topic' category? And maybe a 'Forum Games' Category? Those would all be really cool!


That could also be the random category, but I like your idea!
Want to add this to the Forum Categories List?


A tutorial category would be really good!


I didn't know there was a list, could you give me a link to it? :smile:

All your ideas are amazing, especially the tutorial one. There are so many tutorials in the forum.


Here it is:
Forum Catsgory Ideas Topic


Those both fall into 'random atuff'.


Open source code.


You could make it more specific, but, yea

Off topic: Go to the Ninjago thing, I found some stuff.




I took myself out of the list whT the heck


True, I agree. It also gives users the choice to mute general topics without muting all the random stuff.


Thanks. But some people said that they bring more, attention persay, to general topics. Because they're not hopscotch related and a new category would encourage GTs. But I still agree with my idea.


Oh, right. Maybe we should all just use the #general_topic tag.


I have too many tags in my GTs already.

Off topic. Ish.

What even is this?


Wait zero seconds before liking someone again. :wink:

That doesn't even make sense seconds already passed.


Sorry, @Currency5097193.
I used the same Tag list for all the topics I made in the last few day, I'll make sure to renew it in future.


Yeah, but I have a tutorial that is about how to start a Hopscotch YouTube channel. Where should it be?


I think it would be great to have a "Tutorial" tab, there are hundreds of tutorials on the forum! :smile:


Idk. #random would work.