General Project Updates Topic

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affected topics

The "Ideas" channel

How do I make a variable decrease even when the project isn't open

Is there a maximum number of games you can post?

Can someone help me with some pixel art pointers

Can someone help me with some pixel art pointers

Help with falling items

Trail Drawing Opacity?

Square trail block?

(Self) Ability’s Topic

How can I make an object orbit around a moving object?

Aiming an Object to throw it!

See code button too close to shapes

Free to use code

Random cheesy topic

Projects you need to check out

How to: Make an HSB color finder (with save)

What does coding mean to you?

Things are acting weird, did you guys update the forum?


Tips to become a better coder!

Hopscotch animation studio by PeppyWafer21

How To Code Art (Pixel, Shape, Bg And somewhat regular)

Making a Hopscotch account w/o buying a subscription

A Revamped Draw a Trail Block!

TheOnionSWE’s New Coding School!

What Kind Of Design Do *You* Use In Projects?

How do I make a manually moved object have another object move towards it

The "Animation" channel

Some code deleting after project is published

Bug: Editing numbers

Bug: Editing numbers

Lots of small, annoying bugs in Hopscotch

Recording our own sounds

The implementation of new fonts

Color Finder in Hs?

New Design Update

New Design Update

How Do You Come Up With your ideas For your Projects? | TheOnion

Creations Of a Noob beta testing

So many unfinished projects

Version 3.33.3 with new blocks: Min and Max

Ombré Or Gradient Backgrounds

A new way of exploring the games

A new way of exploring the games