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As the second post in this topic, I thought that it would be helpful for me to share some useful topics, websites and other resources that can come in handy while Hopscotching!

Open the folders below to see a list of links. This post is updated frequently. Tell me if you want to get notified when I update it!
Please note: the folders and links below are not complete, but they will all get updated and finished in the near future!

Tutorial topics related to Hopscotch

Please note:

Some tutorials linked below might feature an old version of the Hopscotch app. In most cases, you will still be able to follow along and copy the code to the version you are using. Some blocks might have slightly different names in newer versions though, so keep that in mind.
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Custom text and symbols to use in your Hopscotch projects

The website contains many copy-and-paste special text objects to use in your projects . They can be used to add a cool and unique look and you also don´t have to code some objects that you would like to have in your projects.

Advanced tutorials (JSON editing etc.)
JSON editing

Project JSON modification — Topic