General Project Updates Topic 2

Yeah but i was just saying using that same kind of logic, like only letting certain people see the option to use troll blocks


Only a monster would allow people to troll other people… >:)

…so I’m a monster /j /s


Beta 51b has been released, which allows you to import a level with the new tiles.


Beta 52a has been released

  • Added Magma Block
    • this block is dangerous to walk on when lit, but perfectly safe when not
    • this tile is the only tile to have a lit and unlit state, as well as a combination of solid and harming collisions
  • 10/30/50 Coin
    • These coins give you more value than the normal coins. They are the perfect reward for some challenges
    • Unlike Super Mario Maker, there is no limit to how many you can place. Go crazy with them, if you’d like.
    • Compatible with Dirt Wall tiles

  • Now there are a total of 70 tiles in the editor (66 of them are unique to the other tiles), which makes WWC the game with the second most tiles in any game on Hopscotch (the first being TAOS, with 77 tiles). It even beats Spy Guy 96’s “New Game V7,” which has a total of 65 tiles in its inventory.

  • Redid some tile images so they appear less blurry (Thanks, @Spy_Guy_96)

    • I also redid the generic outlines for dotted-line blocks and t-blocks so they show up easier when playing in the Day/Alien Day Theme.

Beta 53a has been released

  • Added Darkness Theme to the editor - when enabled, it’ll limit your vision to a small area. It’s slightly faded on the editor so you can see your tiles when editing them, but in the game scene, it’s in full effect.

  • this also means you know can have up to 24 different theme styles (that includes a combination of different backgrounds with snowy and darkness themes). Previously, it was up to 12.

  • The share, upload, and save/load features have been updated to include the new darkness theme option (0=off, 1=on, just like the Snowy Theme)

  • 0s0 (bg 0, snowy off) is now 0s00 (bg 0, snowy off, dark off), and “s” (which previously stood for “snowy”) now stands for “special”, which may later be changed to “t” for “theme”

Special Thanks to @Spy_Guy_96 for all the help they’ve given me.


Whoops. Did I say “upload”? I meant to say “import”