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Chopping CRAZY!

A game about choppin’ trees!

In Chopping Crazy, you cut down trees and sell them to earn coins. Then you can unlock new areas and more powerful tools. You may also discover secret trees that are much more rare and are worth tons of money! Seeds can be used to gain amazing boosts, and animated tools to become a master lumberjack!

Play it now:
(likely filtered if you’re just seeing this)

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The game is liiiivvveeee!! You can now play it!


@Tri-Angle I just updated my project to support trail caps

The new shorthand code is @cwwwaaa#rrggbb;xxxxyyyy-xxxxyyyy;

c= trail cap, but Round and Square are swapped (0 = square and 1 = round, and 2 = butt). This was to make things easier for me, since round has 5 chars, square has 6, and butt has 4. So I sorted then by length, and made a string variable that reads Square-Round--Butt

Obviously, Advanced mode only.

For a basic version, it would be something like this: @www#rrggbb;xxxxyyyy-xxxxyyyy;, which doesn’t support opacity nor cap since that is an advanced mode exclusive…


Updated this project, now includes Undo and Redo buttons. I didn’t even have to change my code, nor add any extra variables to do this other than “draw lines” and “lines drawn”…

For a line with ten points, mine is around 8 characters shorter than Tri-Angle’s (if mine used the same properties like width and color). With multiple lines of the same properties, it’s much shorter… and mine can get a little shorter still…

Updated the project again, the code is now 1 character shorter per trail property change.


it’s finally out!

hexagon’ adventures 1.0
Hexagon’s adventures is an epic searching quest, search for items in various locations!
Two adventures out now! More coming soon.
I will be making a project update topic for it soon.
@avocados_and_cheese make sure to play now!



The biggest update I’ve ever made!

for this game

  • Introducing… BACKPACKS!

    Your logs have been getting stolen lately, so you need to keep them safely stored! Craft backpacks with unique materials to gain cool and creative backpacks! There are 6 backpacks in this update!

  • 2 New forests! Welcome to the Bamboo and Pixel forest. They both have a really rare tree I heard, especially the Pixel Forest…

  • DOUBLED the amount of trees in the game! 5 NEW TREES!!!

  • 9 NEW ITEMS! WOWWWWWWWWW!!! There are 6 backpacks and 3 tools to craft!

  • DASHING NINJA COLLAB! StarlightStudios is collaborating with… StarlightStudios? Yes, Dashing Ninja makes an appearance in this latest update!

  • Sell all button! Sell all of a log type by pressing this button twice!

  • Icon descriptions! Text is now next to buttons on the home screen for the first 3 seconds of the game to help new players.

  • Question marks in the recipe menu! If you haven’t discovered a tree type yet, the log will be a ? in the recipe menu. No more spoilers!


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I love this game


Thanks! I don’t think you saw the post in my update topic, but I only post really big updates here so you can check here for other updates if you want, and/or get tagged for them!


Must of the time when I post links to my update topic it’s self promo but I’m not trying to with this post

I just don’t want to seem like I’m shoving it in your face bc it might look like it but idk


I need to play this now!

This will be so fun!!!

You did an amazing job!

I’m supposed to have more words, but I want to play the game lol /j


It’s still filtered : (

I will play it immediately after it’s out of the filter again!!!


Added the ability to place other available triangles and fixed a couple bugs.

@t1_hopscotch I did find a bug in Hopscotch while updating the changelog of my own game: When you create a new line anywhere in the text, after a few seconds it immediately goes to the end of the string when it updates, rather than staying where it was. I experienced this with large strings of text, but it might also be occurring in any amount of text. I’ll have to test that out to be sure (edit: it does)

There was also a time where I deleted some math operators in a set variable, and the cursor was sent to the bottom of the list of rules (which would explain why the excessive scrolling was occurring), instead of directly below the block. I don’t have enough info to make a bug report on this, but I know it has to be very long where the whole block doesn’t fit the entire screen.


yep and when hopscotch loses the datas i typed, it happens at that exact moment you just described


mission accomplished. trail-powered platformer. no physical objects, just trails (buttons shouldnt count lol)

i am officially publishing it because to continue my platformer idea, i need custom images, and therefore im breaking the rule of only-trails unfortunately :( that being said, i hope you enjoy this little project nevertheless :)

oh one last thing, shoutout to @C.H.Rissole for suggesting making the player a square, it’s draws the trails really really cool!



Super cool, Tri-Angle!

All I made was this little side project:

MRE stands for Music Reader Engine, btw.

Unlike my old one, this one plays the notes as it encodes them.

it goes from 1c=[q=], to 60#0410, then plays it in the Play Note Block.


released v0.3 of the DEMO

Anyone who wants to be tagged for updates to the demo please let me know.

  • Fixed a bug where the objects would completely ignore the triangles after turning to their right when colliding with a left wall. This was because they weren’t properly aligned on their x when they turned…
    • The objects will now correctly follow the pattern on the thumbnail.
  • Temporarily gave access to one of each fan (for the purpose of showing how each one works).

Edit: make up your mind, link preview…


very interesting
i assume using trails helps with performance?

sometimes i randomly jump through platforms (happened only twice though)


no lol its horrible without performance cleaning
now youre running at ~55fps but before when i started the project (there wasnt even a collision code!) the fps immediately dropped to 30

its interesting only in the trails it draws behind. i didnt showcase that but if i added screenshake the tiles also will have trails behind, make the screen… really shake lol

yea unfortunately the tiles are too small and the movements are too fast, and when multiplied with the frame adapter due to a fps spike you might clip through them:(


From experimenting with WWC, I saw that most of the lag was due to many variables executing on the same frame (surprisingly). The less of those there are, the better the performance will be.

And with many objects running the same code, it can hinder performance significantly (like it could drop to 8 FPS).


Updated this project to v0.4

  • Fixed a bug where certain “triangle” counts in the inventory would not be restored when replaced with a different triangle. (Not sure how I missed that, lol)

What’s that little blue button I see? Could that be the new speed-up function? Why, yes it is.

I also fixed a few game-breaking bugs, especially when objects were very close together as they reached the goal (generally only happens if there are more than one spawner. Speaking of, spawners launching in other directions will also be added in a future update).