General Project Updates Topic 2

Released [Beta 24b]

  • Added Sticky Floor to the Inventory
    • Slows down certain enemies and players.
    • Squaeyron cannot jump from the sticky floor

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202

  • What is your favorite tile in the game, and why?
  • What is your favorite feature in the game, and why?

I like the level editor, because you’ve updated it so much, and its become really awesome.

I also like the snowy grass tile


Thanks. And it’s going to continue to be updated as more tiles are introduced.

If you are curious, here are all of the features in the game so far

All Features


  • Tapping a button will highlight it
  • You can save up to 4 games. Please note, the custom level is saved across all saves.
  • You can toggle the FPS meter, Auto Frame, and Auto Jump in the gameplay settings.


  • Includes Keyboard and Gamepad Support.
  • Sticky Floor slows down Squaeyron and certain enemies, and prevents them from jumping.
  • You can hold the Special Button to descend quickly on a Ladder.
  • You can jump on some enemies’ heads to defeat them. Some require you to ground slam them.
  • Ground Slamming a Mega Chomper will give you a big boost.
  • The controls will automatically adjust based on your gameplay (for example, when landing on Sticky Floors, the jump button will disappear, and the special button will move over and take its place. It will also move back to its original spot as needed).
  • The Space Gem and Star will appear in the HUD if there is a Space Gem or Star Fragments to collect.
  • The locks on the Door reflects how many keys you need to unlock it.
  • Keys, Space Gems, and Star Fragments all have a shine effect.
  • Critters are invulnerable to the player’s attacks, and will inflict damage if bumped.
  • Squaeyron can push the crate to an exact location, and Starlynn can bump the crate to an approximate location. Only Starlynn can bump the box into the middle of spikes, and only Squaeyron is able to push the crate from against the wall.
  • Only Squaeyron can break Tampered Glass from above, but Starlynn is only able to do that from the sides.
  • Starlynn can only dash once whilst in mid-air.
  • Squaeyron can only jump once from the ground, and Starlynn has the ability to double jump.
  • Unlike Squaeyron, Starlynn does not get stuck on Sticky Floors.

Level Creator

  • You can move the player spawn anywhere you like (as long as it’s inside the level)
  • You can move the Editor Preview to the left or right side of the screen.
  • As more tiles are added to the Inventory, you can scroll left and right to find the one you want
  • You can tap the Camera Icon to go into Scrolling Mode
  • You can tap the Red X icon to switch to the Eraser Tool
  • You can tap the pencil icon to switch to the last tile used (Grass by default)
  • Certain Tiles can be placed on Dirt Wall tiles. Simply tap the dirt wall with your tile of choice. (Explained in Tutorial page 8/8)
  • If you are on the Modded Player, you can share your custom level. It is recommended that you do this on a desktop computer so you can get the full code.
  • You can choose how many keys are needed to open the door when placing one, and while you have the tile selected, you can edit this value.

Upcoming Features

  • Squaeyron can Wall Jump across Sticky Walls, whereas Starlynn cannot.
  • Blinking Blocks will switch every 5 seconds
  • Vanish Blocks will disappear shortly after interacting with them
  • Trampoline tiles will bounce the player high into the sky
  • You have a chance of collecting extra coins when reaching the Goal
  • The ability to change the controller size
  • Minigames
  • Numerous Achievements
  • Donation Feature (won’t be added until the full release version)
  • The ability to navigate the menus via keyboard or gamepad
  • Level Select Menu
  • Community Levels
  • Dash Blocks will boost the player in the direction of the arrows
  • A story will appear when playing a new game
  • The Level Creator will be locked at the start, and you’ll need to complete 5 levels to unlock. V.I.P. Access members will still be able to access it. Access is given to those who are credited for helping the game in development, such as Platformer Physics, Community Level Creators, or Special Thanks.


Updated this project to [Beta 24c]

  • Fixed a potential issue with the inventory when loading Level Creator from the Menus
  • Added Vanish Blocks to the Inventory
    • These will flash upon impact, and will flash quickly when about to “disappear”
    • Enemies can interact with Vanish Blocks
    • Vanish Blocks are Semi-Solid Platforms

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202 (anyone else who wants to be tagged for betas, please let me know)

@Spy_Guy_96 how do you like how I did my Vanish Blocks? After some fiddling around, I decided to create a new variable called “Intangible Vanish Blocks,” which keeps track of the ones that are intangible. I made sure to test every aspect (landing on the vanish block, enemy landing on one, when it moves off the screen and back on again, and when it reappears). Everything works as expected, and no code was altered.

I literally named my function “VanishBlock{x,y}”

And unlike yours, it flashes once, then rapidly flashes 3 times (and goes more transparent) before disappearing for a few seconds. The time it takes to disappear and reappear is about the same.

Also, isn’t a coincidence? The ID for your Blue Platform with X is n (I’m assuming), and the ID for my Vanish Block is N (Friendly Reminder: I use Ascii Characters (āáæč) for entities instead of capital letters).


Sorry for the late reply

I really like it. I did find a bug where, if you pause while a “vanishing” tile is active, the tile doesn’t get paused.

I don’t really have a favourite tile, but I do really like all of the enemies.

My favourite feature is the ability to change characters!


Oops. Forgot to add the pause wait block / PAUSED check, lol… I’ll fix that real quick…

Edit: released Hotfix [Beta 24e]

  • Fixed an issue where the icons for the Star and Space Gem in the HUD would not correctly reset when restarting the level
  • Vanish Blocks are now paused while the game is paused (Special thanks to Spy Guy 96 for discovering that bug)

@Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202


New New Years project coming soon!
(Just waiting it to go through the filter.)


Speaking of enemies, what is your favorite enemy type so far? There are still four more to come (Chuck, Sleeper, Sonar, and Enemy Spawner).

Current Enemies:

  • Chomper
  • Mega Chomper (mostly because I can’t think of a better name)
  • Critter
  • Chaser
  • Turret

Maybe call it Cruncher?

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Released [Beta 25a]

  • Added the 7th enemy, Chuck, to the Inventory
    • They are the first flying creatures in the game
    • Their wings actually flap up and down
    • As their name implies, they chuck a projectile down below
    • Their projectile is so powerful, it can break Tempered Glass. Perhaps you can use that to your advantage.
  • Renamed Mega Chomper to Khrusher /ˈkrʌʃə(r)/ (mostly because it’s massive weight and size can crush smaller creatures)

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202


Released [Beta 25b]

  • Added another enemy to the game: Blobby
    • Fun fact: the small slime is named Lil’ Blobby
    • Introduces the new slime-splitting mechanic
    • They are the only enemies that must be defeated more than once.
  • The Enemy Spawner has been officially canceled, since it wouldn’t make any sense for the habitants of the Alien World to be able to build one. They don’t even have hands… or arms for that matter…

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202

8 down, 2 more to go…


Only 1 more enemy to go. And it’s the most difficult one to make.

Released [Beta 25c]

  • Added Sleeper
    • They are the fastest enemy in the game. They are hard to outrun.
    • They can be defeated like other generic enemies.

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202

Do you think I’ll be able to add the final enemy type before I lose access to the old HS TestFlight version? I only have 5 days left.

This is the last thing I need to add, btw. I have finally added every planned tile image to the game. And I no longer need to change anything in the Game and Editor scenes other than the movements, attacks, enemy index, init tiles in editor, editor preview update tile, and init tiles in inventory… It’s not really a lot, I can copy the entire tile data list from the preview to the inventory…


Released [Beta 25d]

  • Fixed Chuck’s missing images
  • Nerfed Sleeper and made them a little slower
    • Sleeper will also only active based on your Y level in relation to their Y level.
  • The following enemies now ignore the Enemy Blocker: Chuck (because it can fly), and Turret (because it never moves). All other enemies will obey the blocker.

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202

Special thanks to @aadenboy for finding the bug.


Updated this project to [Beta 26a]

  • Enemies will no longer treat Enemy Blockers as a full solid block, and will only obey the side collisions based on their heading direction
    • This means, yes, you can no longer make “floating” enemies. They weren’t supposed to be able to in the first place (other than Chuck, who can hover).
    • This also means that enemies won’t stop falling when landing on what seems to be thin air when there is an enemy blocker there.

The long-lasting bug has finally been fixed in [Beta 26d]

  • Projectiles like Turret’s Fireballs no longer despawn prematurely when hitting either edge of the level. This still happens in Raccoon with a broom, lol. Why destroy it when it hits the edges of the level anyways, when the other checks for when an quick-despawning object moves too far off the screen already does that? I did what I did simply for aesthetics.

  • The Fireball projectile (and soon, the Sonar Sound Waves) now slowly fade out and will despawn shortly after.

  • Lil’ Blobby will now obey Petrichor I mean the Enemy Blockers, just like the larger Blobby.

  • Other Minor Bug Fixes

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202

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The game’s got a fresh new Thumbnail!!


Released [Beta 27b]

Also, wow this topic is inactive… why am I the only one posting?

  • Added Trampoline to the inventory
    • This tile can also be placed on dirt wall tiles.
    • The arm moves when any entity is launched into the air
  • Fixed Starlynn’s double jump mechanic

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig @Octo-Pi @braynee202


idk lol


I asked you to be tagged for new updates, but you didn’t responded, so I’m asking again:

Can I be tagged for new updates?


New update for among us coming soon!

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