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woah that looks awesome!


@I_Cant_Code yeah this - but i would not suggest playing it as for now because the security stuff ive put for Filler, i didnt do it on that old project


so I can’t play with anyone?

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you can - its just that i dont recommend you play now because of security reasons


oh ok. Thank you

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Untitled Smoothie Game!

A smoothie sandbox game!

Run your own smoothie shop in this fun and addictive game! You make interesting smoothies with unique flavors from all over the world! You can unlock more fruits, milk types, and toppings to make complex and intricate recipes! Buy skins with the money you earn to customize your gameplay experience!


Why is my smoothie brown?!

Uh oh! Looks like you accidentally created the wrong recipe! If you don’t make a recipe that’s in your recipe book, your smoothie is brown!

I can’t add the topping to my smoothie…

The game detected that you were making a recipe that did not need a topping, so it wouldn’t let you pour it! This is designed so it’s easier to remember recipes and not get tripped up.

→ I can’t get the satisfaction to be good!

A normal satisfaction doesn’t give you any negative effects, so don’t worry if you can’t get to a good satisfaction level! It’s supposed to be extremely difficult to get, you should know all of the recipes, not make mistakes, and do it extremely quickly. If you do this though, you get a huge boost! This is all intentional! It’s supposed to be super hard because it’s really fulfilling to get that big boost. Try not to make too many mistakes as having low satisfaction is heavily punished!

Wait… the excitement isn’t over!

There is tons of stuff to look forward to! Such as the major update including a Harvest Moon Festival event and gift boxes!

More details will be revealed soon so make sure to sign up for updates as you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Play the game!

You can play the game right here:

Have Fun!

Check out the official update topic!


WWC Beta 50a Early Access 5 is out now!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Save Result would show up at inappropriate times.

  • Almost caused a bug where the converting level info would show up forever. :rofl:



:tada: Beta 50a is finally out! :tada:

  • You can now create and save up to 50 levels per slot. (Coincidence that the max number of levels per slot is the same as the beta version?)
  • An error will now occur if you try to going into the Editor or MCL Scenes before selecting a slot
  • All of the tools are now in the toolbar
  • Added smooth scrolling in the MCL and Editor Inventory
  • Tapping any of the group tabs in the inventory will now smoothly scroll to the group, rather than instantly.
  • Resetting the game will now clear all custom levels from all slots
  • Various Bug Fixes

(@SCG and @Spy_Guy_96)


Maybe I should make a little YouTube tutorial (under by Hopscotch Channel, @Crosbyman64HS) to show how to use the Editor and the Newly Overhauled Save System in WWC… After all, not everyone is going to know how to use it, even if they read the in-game tutorial…


Beta 50b

  • You can now share your levels right from the MCL screen, which means you no longer have to edit the level just to get to the share button*
  • Fixed a bug where the levels would fail to display if the “No Slot Selected” error occurred when trying to start the project from the MCL scene
  • The “This action is only available on the modded player” alert no longer has an input field.
  • The “any unsaved progress will be lost” alert will no longer appear once you had just saved the custom level.
  • If you save a custom level, but the level name was somehow “0”, it’ll choose to do “save as” automatically.

*sharing levels requires the modded player due to the way it displays the data. A slash will appear on top of the share button if you are just using the web explorer or the app, and a pop-up will appear saying it’s only available for the modded player.

Please note: levels are still shared using the old format. So the level name will not be included, unfortunately… sorry for the inconvenience.



Welp, it took a little bit, but I think I finally took care of those pesky bugs (bugs like the “infinite saving info”, caused by inputting “0” after choosing save as)


Beta 50d has been released

  • You can no longer accidentally overwrite an existing level if you create a new level with the same name, and will ask if you want to overwrite it first. This is to prevent your level from being destroyed without your consent.
  • Fixed a bug where the info text would persist after canceling the save after it asks if you want to overwrite the level.
  • The info will now say “Preparing to Save…” while searching for a potential match in the level name if you are saving it as a new level or the level itself was recently created.



Beta 50e has been released

  • You can no longer access the theme button while your custom level is being saved.

Beta 50f has been released with a slight tweak

  • You can once again easily pass through locked doors upon unlocking them, rather than being stopped completely. This should make future levels much easier.

Beta 51a has been released

  • New Hazards: Spike Trap and Saw

    • Spike Traps periodically pop out of the ground to damage its victims. A spike will be peaking out of the ground when embedded to make sure people can see it and reduce the chances of being trolled.
    • Saws will attach to a surface (depicted by the arrow) and saw things while moving. It is recommended you use an enemy blocker to set the limits for the saws. They are the only hazard that treats the enemy blocker as completely solid. They’re perfect for making wall jumps a little more dangerous.
  • New Signs: Squaeyron’s Sign and Starlynn’s Sign

    • These are to let others know which character they need to progress further

Please note: Saws will only interact with certain tiles. And will phase through all other tiles.



Now add a troll spike trap that doesnt show out of the ground a bit
Maybe just set a list of people that can use it(like you did for Squaeyron, for whoever could see the debug stuff) to make levels if you dont want everyone fooling around with it


The debug screen from TAOS was just to ensure the game was functioning properly…


Yeah but i was just saying using that same kind of logic, like only letting certain people see the option to use troll blocks


Only a monster would allow people to troll other people… >:)

…so I’m a monster /j /s


Beta 51b has been released, which allows you to import a level with the new tiles.