General Project Updates Topic 2

The long-lasting bug has finally been fixed in [Beta 26d]

  • Projectiles like Turret’s Fireballs no longer despawn prematurely when hitting either edge of the level. This still happens in Raccoon with a broom, lol. Why destroy it when it hits the edges of the level anyways, when the other checks for when an quick-despawning object moves too far off the screen already does that? I did what I did simply for aesthetics.

  • The Fireball projectile (and soon, the Sonar Sound Waves) now slowly fade out and will despawn shortly after.

  • Lil’ Blobby will now obey Petrichor I mean the Enemy Blockers, just like the larger Blobby.

  • Other Minor Bug Fixes

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The game’s got a fresh new Thumbnail!!


Released [Beta 27b]

Also, wow this topic is inactive… why am I the only one posting?

  • Added Trampoline to the inventory
    • This tile can also be placed on dirt wall tiles.
    • The arm moves when any entity is launched into the air
  • Fixed Starlynn’s double jump mechanic

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idk lol


I asked you to be tagged for new updates, but you didn’t responded, so I’m asking again:

Can I be tagged for new updates?


New update for among us coming soon!

Visit the topic to sign up for tags and see the latest development!


Sorry about that. I didn’t see your request last time…


Chuck’s bullets can activate blocks, and go super high when bounced on a trampoline since it has low gravity

pretty funny lol


Updated to [Beta 27c]

  • Changed Trampoline’s player collide action to 9, as another entity already used collision value 7.
  • Improved performance (slightly) when 174 trampolines are on the screen at once

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Easy fix, I just forgot to update the entity’s data value. It’s fixed now.

The activation of the Vanish Blocks, and the Breakage of Tempered Glass due to Chuck’s projectile is an intentional design, however. Chuck will stop at nothing to get to you…


I’m going to come up with a better player collide action system, in order to improve overall performance… hopefully…

My new system will include the following 3 variables:

  • Player Damage Area (where the player is damaged)

    • There would be only two: damage from the sides, and damage from all around
  • Player Collision Type (how the player interacts with block entities like Trampolines and Tempered Glass)

  • Enemy Damage Type (what happens when the player damages an enemy)

It’ll take a while to get working, so there’ll be a new project UUID.


Released [Beta 28a]

  • Brand new Entity Collision System

  • Performance Improvements (by up to 15 FPS, a full screen of glass has a max FPS of 55 compared to only 40 FPS)

  • Certain Entities are launched into the air once again when Squaeyron performs their ground slam attack

  • The player’s spawn position now correctly resets to default when creating a new level

Note: this is a brand new system, so let me know if anything is not working as expected compared to before (@aadenboy)

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I also finally got my FPS higher than Spy_Guy_96 in terms of a full screen of glass…


the game is much smoother with the FPS boosted, the new collision system seems way cleaner and faster than the last one. the update is really noticeable and it’s coming along quite nicely! the new collision system lowering the FPS was definitely the right choice, considering that a faster game will save you a lot of potential for bugs and lag.

awesome update! :clap:


Updated to [Beta 28b]

  • You can finally add the Coin Bonus Goal in your custom levels. The bonus will make sense in a later update…


  • Fixed a potential issue that would prevent you from placing a Coin Bonus Goal when the level contained a Space Gem, or vise versa.
  • Changed the “There Can Only Be 1” message to “Max Part Limit Reached”

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I’m assuming you meant improving the FPS, It definitely was the right choice and I’m glad I went for it…


Updated to [Beta 28c]

  • Trampoline Tile animation is now affected by Auto Frame.
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ah yes, now the trampoline function looks much better. before every 2nd time ( on the trampoline ), the character bounced on thin air. but it’s fixed now. what are you planning to add next?



This was intentional, since without it the player would glitch to either side of the trampoline. All I did was force the player to where the trampoline would extend to before launching them into the air.

I still have a few more tiles to add

  • Sonar (need to add its attack pattern, unique movements, and enemy damage type)
  • Dash Block (just need to add collision)
  • Blinking Blocks (just need to add collisions and a special damage system for when you get stuck inside one (to prevent a bug where the player glitches into a solid tile)
  • Sticky Walls (you guessed it, collisions. I also need to add the wall jump mechanic for Squaeyron)

After all that, all planned tiles would have been added.

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Released [Beta 28d]

  • New Gameplay Option: Render Effects
    • Having trouble with frame-rate due to a full screen of keys? Is the shine effect a little too much for you? Well now, you can disable this effect in Options » Gameplay » Render Effects (on by default)

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My FPS with effects on: 32 FPS
My FPS with effects off: 51 FPS


awesome! however the fps didnt change for me, it stayed on 27 even if i disabled it

youre giving me motivation to work on a platformer again lol