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I would absolutely give you a plant but I need my plants for something else :disappointed:


I really like it too! You managed to add great dimension to the scene.




Last update for road racing 2 is here this marks the 6th update and the 6th month mark since launch. This is the biggest update of them all! 2 New cars Returning from the first road racing the Mercedes-Benz Amg Gts, and the new Icona Vulcano Titanium. Spin to Win has received its long awaited rework added 3 new cars to the prize pool the Icona, Mercedes-Benz Amg Gts, and the Peel p50. New rewards have also been added in to the pool. Drop rates have been changed with the new rewards and the Carrera.


wednesday seems to be a great, shiny, duo day to release a game :eyes:


Online Connect 4 - The only two-player Connect 4 in Hopscotch

You guys know I’m working on a two-player Connect 4. Yes, that’s true.
I told y’all this will be a short project. No, I lied.

Introducing… Online Connect 4! A classic mass-multiplayer game where you can play connect 4, spectate your friends, QuickChat, and rise in our in-game leaderboard!

Three quotes in my beta testing topic that really touched me 💜

Shortly showing its best features

Start a room

Starts a new Connect 4 room. You can choose whether you want it to be public (so anyone can join) or private (so you can only join with the provided 6-digital code). Most of the time, you’ll set your room to public because of convenience. No need for any code!

Join a room

Connects to a Connect 4 room. You can use the button Connect to a room if you have a 6-digital room code, or you can use the green popup [User] has no opponent. Would you like to join?. Most of the time, you’ll join by using the second option because of convenience - you will not need to provide any room code, the project does it for you.

Spectate a room

Lets you spectate an ongoing Connect 4 game. When there’s one game happening, you will see a green popup Watch live: [User] vs [User]!. Click on it and you will automatically be sent to the correct room - again, no code, the project does all the work!


Disclaimer: must not recreate this in any of your projects unless getting approved by a leader (in this case, @Awesome_E, who approved my entire code on 16 August 2022, 1:11 pm EST). QuickChat is completely safe because it does not involve any sort of keyboard chatting.

QuickChat lets you share your emotions or simple words with nine pre-made messages. You can open QuickChat once you are in a room (as a player or as a spectator). You will see a rounded semicircle at the left of your screen.

  • Emojis
    • :smiley:: Shares happiness. You will usually use it when you win or when someone accepts to rematch with you.
    • :face_with_raised_eyebrow:: Shares hesitation. You will usually use it when you are not sure what move to make.
    • :person_facepalming:: Shares that you found out that it wasnt a great move.
    • :+1:: Approves the rematch offer your opponent asked
    • :-1:: Refuses the rematch offer your opponent asked.
  • Texts
    • Hi!: The usual human greetings
    • Good luck!
    • GG!: This means good game. You will usually use it at the end of a game.
    • Play Again: Asks your opponent if they’d like to rematch.

Each time you send a message, you will have a four-seconds anti-spam wait time. During that time, you will not be able to send any messages.

In-game Global Leaderboard

This is a semiautomatic leaderboard. You can access it on the main page with the Best Players button. It is named like so because to keep privacy, you will only be able to see the top 5 of the leaderboard, and you.

The leaderboard shows four pieces of information: Rank, Username, Number of wins, and Last Played.

Unfortunately, the leaderboard is completely automatic except for autoarrangement. That being said, I will arrange everyone’s position manually each 2-3 days [1] so please be patient :(

People online

On the main page, you can see who are the online people. A great addition when we see each other is that lots of people are free for a game! :D it creates a really friendly atmosphere. Plus as a host who is waiting for someone to play with him, it isn’t really clear if there’s anyone in the game - with this feature you can now avoid waiting 5 minutes for nothing!


Error: Room does not exist

Manually entered code Automatically entered code
You have entered the wrong code or you have been shared a wrong code. @Awesome_E’s multiplayer action sometimes gives a seven digital room code, which corrupts my autojoin algorithm.

Error: Cannot join room and Error: Cannot create room
Reload. I have absolutely no control over that and the only good solution is to wait a few seconds and reload your browser.

Error: Connection lost
One of the player has left the game.

Leaderboard is broken/does not work as intended
Screenshot and tag me on the forum right away. This is theoretically [2] a very critical bug which needs fixing as soon as it gets seen.
However, please note that if the ranking gets messed up, it’s not a bug.

no other known/possible bugs, which is great! :D

Thank you so so so much for reading, and I hope you’ll connect your username to the game :stuck_out_tongue:

- Your friendly local train :steam_locomotive: (that can code?!)

@pomtl @polygons

  1. varies on how much the leaderboard changed since the last time I checked ↩︎

  2. “theoretically”, because i never had this, but theoretically it should be very critical ↩︎


Yay. Let me read it


How did you post that so fast-


welp i started writing this afternoon lol


amazing! thanks for including my post!

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no thank you for saying something so nice

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pretend i’m a connect 4 pro :P


so cool!


wanna battle. i am the master at connect 4


play with me now


I am playing with @/HapPI314


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guys, please move your convo to ytaco :)) fits better their i believe

i understand it’s very exciting but… yea ;)


This is incredible! I can totally see myself playing this. It could use a bit more polish though.


thank you :) yes it def can be designed better, but this is a made-in-five-days project so i didnt have time for that :)