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@Awesome_E wanted to say thanks a lot for fixing the broken images here! Cannot rename objects with v3.47.3 - #6 by t1_hopscotch (I think I’ll just have to upload them manually next time, seems like system wasn’t really able to download them.)
I was off for the rest of the day, so I didn’t realise. So I appreciate you getting to that^^

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to ping an individual leader on this topic, in a compliment/thanks. I tried to check through the topic to see if there were any updated specific rules around that, but wasn’t sure, so just let me know.


What’s Øddtober?


October I guess


I have a few questions pertaining to art and coding here on the Forum and the app:

I understand that we are allowed to post portfolios including art made that month and that Hopscotch has been generous in letting artistic individuals share their art with the HS community.

My main question is, that people who draw on their actual hopscotch accounts (which I have done once or twice) and publish just art without much code has been bothering me and making me wonder if this is against the guidelines or something. Things like that bother me because I don’t want to have any appearance of wanting to stretch the boundaries of what I should be using Hopscotch for. I don’t like social media and the information gathering they do, and so far I’ve really liked the way hopscotch claims to handle user’s information and I wanted to take the opportunity to share my art there. What I am requesting to know is what is too far outside the boundaries of what I can publish and if it is technically okay for me to keep posting art I have made on an irl digital pad on the hopscotch app. I enjoy both coding and art, and would like to know where the boundaries are when comparing the two.

But before I close I have one more thing to mention-

I posted my portfolio a few days ago when I joined and had cropped out my signature for privacy reasons. But because of this I recently realized there is no protection against people taking my art and saying it is theirs. I thought about it and then deleted my portfolio post and would like to request that I can have an exception to post the portfolio again but with all the pictures having my hopscotch account watermark which I’ve put on copies of them. I understand if this is a no no because this is technically my fault for jumping right into sharing art before reading about the rules with posting them.

Sorry for the bad grammar lol. I tried


I just read this and saw all my spelling errors :man_facepalming:


Hey there,

You can post your portfolio again with the watermarks.

It is not against the guideline to remix projects even if it has minimal changes to the original project. The way we designed Hopscotch is so that people can look at how other people coded their projects and learn from that. With that said, we’re looking into different ways that we can improve the system so that our creators feel like their projects are protected.


One last thing,

I really hope that I have not been bothersome on this problem that has occurred with one of my projects… I’ve posted about it probably too many times and emailed THT too because I was feeling as if there was a serious problem. From what I’ve heard, my project has been stuck in the filter because of a word in it that I removed but is still stuck in the code. I tried Awesome E’s shortcut to make it work but even after that it hasn’t been approved. Today would be one week after first publishing it and I wanted to ask if you could look at it and if there is a way you can publish it for me? And thank you everyone who is on the THT for being really helpful and friendly. This is a really cool community to be in.


I will send you a private message about this.


yuanyuan, sorry to bother but I posted a story project a while back and it hasn’t been approved. I can’t find anything that would cause it to be filtered…


Your project has the word “Stalker” in it, try removing the word and publishing again.


Ah alright

Oof, that’s gonna be a struggle since stalker is a creature


is this a new feature?


yep, it is


what happened to reactions? i can’t seem to use them anymore


@qwrt :)


This was so long ago almost 1 year



Check edit history for a inappropriate account, I deleted all projects (they are still in drafts so you can see them)


Thanks for letting me know.


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