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ah what i meant was that its ok to have the shop bit in the title (it was in my example too) but you shouldnt just have a shop or have it be the main focus, but rather center it around the coded products you can buy in said shop.

yeah, for sure. you can always fairly make the assumption but having a concrete post to go off of is def helpful.

completely understand haha, and like i said, its all good :))

im glad i was able to help!


I guess I didn’t understand what you meant, haha. But yeah, concrete posts are really important to me for clarity because when you receive indirect hints, even from leaders, it almost feels like the problem is just partially resolved and not entirely fleshed out. Like, for example I didn’t really know what a timed commitment was, or really anything about the leadership protocol, and that to me is more of a reason to provide at least a comment like,

“Your topic was closed because we want to figure out how to best handle moderating and handling currency on our side.”

Just something to point out what’s being discussed or why is really nice to have, haha, even broadly.

No worries from me though!


yeah for sure, i can definitely understand that. im sure Yuanyuan’ll take that feedback and make some sort of change for better communication and mutual understandings :))



I just wanted to let you guys know that I actually cancelled my leadership application, only due to personal reasons. It was a pretty hard call for me to make.

I applied because I knew I could’ve helped around the forum, but due to certain circumstances, I don’t think I could commit for too long (ie. post-graduation stuff).

I’d still like to help Hopscotch by helping to provide great content!


Thanks for applying! We have seen qualified people withdraw their application for various reasons. We would love to see you applying again in the future.

Let’s end the conversation here so we don’t derail too much into the personal situations : )


I totally appreciate your feedback! Thanks for letting me do this.


Why isn’t there a dark theme for hopscotch?


I think we need to talk about something

There are so many projects with coh, pcoh, pi…
I see users posting white.board links and dis.cord server links and Minecraft server links

my question is, how are these even getting past the filter? they’re all so, so, SO not allowed, at least here. they shouldn’t be allowed on the app either. is there any way to really remove them, except reporting projects?

I hate reporting so many projects. I don’t want people to get banned/suspended. but there’s just so much of the discussion…


They put . in between to bypass the filter

Honestly, idk what people could do about this but to discourage it. There’s always gonna be a few people doing this.


like how I did with white.board/dis.cord.

yeah, I know. I wish there was a way to ensure that it wouldn’t happen. no real way to fix every loophole tho

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Is there a reason why you don’t want to report the projects? As you have mentioned, because people find ways to skip the filter, we leverage help from community to report those topics to catch the ones that were not filtered.

I had tried to use a stricter filter, but then most people’s projects will be stuck in the filter. The system do not indicate to the user who reported their projects and we never disclose that information if it helps. If you notice any users who repeatedly post those links, please do email me their profiles!!


The forum is a bright place!

Jokes aside, if the dark theme is something a lot of people want to see, we can investigate how to add that option.


Thank you for clearing that up

no, it’s more just me being me and not wanting to get other people in trouble even if they deserve it cough cough like a human Blue

So thank you for clearing that up. I’ll try to keep a lookout for anyone repeated posting them. I guess I can kinda follow the 1-2-3 of the forum. 1, report, 2, email tht, 3, both or something like that


Yes, and people don’t really get into trouble if they stop posting the links. In general, we do reach out to the user to let them know that they should stop posting before we take any actions such as bans on their Hopscotch account, unless things are escalating very quickly (then we will have a temporary ban for cooldown).

The links can get kids into real trouble if they’re doing funky stuff and speaking inappropriately and then spreading the link on Hopscotch, so it’s always better to report and for us to delete the content!


Umm I know this was 2 days ago but dose posting links to different coding apps allowed?


No becuase that would be Cof


The forum and app should have a better filter such as in roblox where it can tell if you are putting a dot between words or using symbols as letters


what is Cof


Community outside forum
Outside the hopscotch forum specifically