General Leadership Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic

This is completely up to you – if you think that having more would make the contest more fair, then go for it. But if it isn’t necessary and only delays the competition, then perhaps just judge the projects yourself.

By the way, welcome to the forum!


this could use a bump, i dont know if it’s just me but I feel as if there’s been a lot more first post posts recently


Yes, thank you. Also I consider whoever likes the topic first to have already claimed to be the first one to see it, which further makes a post (that states “first”) off-topic.


I wanted to address something that seems to have been an issue lately. I know I’ve typed out a quick explanation for this somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.

I know that, since all communication on the forum is done through a screen, it is sometimes difficult to pick up on a person’s full personality. However, it is important to remember that each and every user you interact with on here (and anywhere on the internet for that matter) is a real human being with feelings, just like you.

That being said, always be mindful of what you say as if the person was right there in the room with you. It’s always a great idea to think before you post. Also, avoid stereotyping a person based on one specific action or quality of theirs. For instance, a car has windows, but it also has an engine, tires, seats, and many other things.

Bottom line, always treat others, in real life and on the internet, the way you would want to be treated, with kindness and respect.


Happened like 5 times today


Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people say mean things to @AECREATION. That includes people saying straight-up ride things, disregarding his feelings, or even replying/ disagreeing to everything he’s saying. Please leave him alone. He did nothing wrong to anyone and its important to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Do not call AE out, Do not disagree with everything he says on purpose, And do not treat others unlike u would want to be treated. Please treat him like anyone else. There’s no need to reply to something AE says after the conversation is over.

@AECREATION i don’t know if u noticed this but I have and know that I have ur back dude.


Thank you so much :relaxed:.
I really appreciate it!

I honestly haven’t noticed that, tbh I don’t care what others think about me.
Thanks though! :grinning:


I dislike the fact that people on here can put the triple 6 without getting in trouble as it offends me I have also seen other people offended including @GOATGAMES


Yeah I’ve said many times that it’s offensive to me yet no one seems to care. It seems as if u guys only value some people here and I’m not one of them


it’s been brought up before:

and, while I don’t have much of an opinion on it, this series of quoted posts explains more why it’s used (though to new users it obviously wouldn’t be clear why it is used, which is one reason people might want to refrain from using it)


Hey I just ignore people who say “you make TERRIBLE projects”


It’s too bad there’s not a better resolution to this (how to foster new user activity on the forum); it seems to me that the large majority of current HSF traffic is from people that are neither new to HS nor to HSF, which can create a bit of a club atmosphere. The initial welcome messages are great, but then what?

here’s an example of my working to help someone who had trouble with an emoji draw, based on my recent experiences. I was sad to see that after just two other posts that user hasn’t posted again.

If @Leaders want to attract and cultivate activity from new users I think it would be good to do something like an exit interview: surely leaders can access the discourse database for HSF to see who has first posted in, say, stage last year, but then posted beyond the initial introduction/welcome messages, but only within a two or three month span before stopping. Following up with them (via messges) asking, “we haven’t seen you around, how could we have done better? hope to see you around again” might be informative (even if risking being annoying).


no one yelled at you, and i’m very sorry you feel that way, especially if im the one you’re referring to.

if you have any concerns regarding leadership or the way situations have been handled, bring them up here for yuanyuan to deal with directly. i explained how this works here:


@FearlessPhoenix please do not move the discussion when the original topic had already been closed and be a respectful lead and follow yalls own rules


This was actually the best topic for the argument anyway


Kinda but I’m trying too ignor it as I already muted him


im not a leader lol, and i was replying here regardless of the status of that topic: this is where the discussion belongs now that its gotten into the territory of you being frustrated with the way Leaders handled the situation being referred to, and away from the original topic of french’s project.

any further concerns in this area will have to be dealt with by Yuanyuan, not a leader, and this is the topic to bring up these concerns to her


You are a leader too me as I do look up too ypu in some way


i appreciate that, but regardless of how the community sees me, i am just a community member (curator status aside) and am allowed to speak freely in this topic, just like yall.

leaders stay out of here for respect of that community member privacy. although moderated, this is a place for concerns about them to be brought up and they all recognize that involvement here isn’t productive. hence Jazz’s rules when this was created


I feel as if there should be acpunishment for those who refuse to respect peoples choice of staying out of their topic. Some people have beta testing topics, and collab topics that they want only a select few to view. I feel as if you should receive a warning if this is a recurring problem for someone

We should all respect others opinions and should value them :)))

(this had nothing to do with anything that just happened)