General Leadership Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic

no one yelled at you, and i’m very sorry you feel that way, especially if im the one you’re referring to.

if you have any concerns regarding leadership or the way situations have been handled, bring them up here for yuanyuan to deal with directly. i explained how this works here:


@FearlessPhoenix please do not move the discussion when the original topic had already been closed and be a respectful lead and follow yalls own rules


This was actually the best topic for the argument anyway


Kinda but I’m trying too ignor it as I already muted him


im not a leader lol, and i was replying here regardless of the status of that topic: this is where the discussion belongs now that its gotten into the territory of you being frustrated with the way Leaders handled the situation being referred to, and away from the original topic of french’s project.

any further concerns in this area will have to be dealt with by Yuanyuan, not a leader, and this is the topic to bring up these concerns to her


You are a leader too me as I do look up too ypu in some way


i appreciate that, but regardless of how the community sees me, i am just a community member (curator status aside) and am allowed to speak freely in this topic, just like yall.

leaders stay out of here for respect of that community member privacy. although moderated, this is a place for concerns about them to be brought up and they all recognize that involvement here isn’t productive. hence Jazz’s rules when this was created


I feel as if there should be acpunishment for those who refuse to respect peoples choice of staying out of their topic. Some people have beta testing topics, and collab topics that they want only a select few to view. I feel as if you should receive a warning if this is a recurring problem for someone

We should all respect others opinions and should value them :)))

(this had nothing to do with anything that just happened)


I think the community sees you as more then just a member

100% and I respect that

That still seems strange

Ok I’ll book mark it

Ima need a little more information on that because I’m confused

Sorry if I sound dùmb but who is jazz


I second that.


i actually 100% agree and was about to bring this up myself later today.
the only people that should be in unlisted topics are people that were tagged there and the Leaders for moderation. If its a collab for a competition, judges/hosts have the right to be in there as well.
beyond this, no one should intrude on the privacy and secrecy of an unlisted topic, that just defeats the purpose of the unlist and is incredibly disrespectful to the topic creator


@FearlessPhoenix what does Ab Aeterno Ad Infinitum mean


From Eternity to Infinity


Is it a long explanation as your taking a while too type?


aww well thanks yall.

Jazz was a moderator back in 2019. Ana brought her in to help train us (the OG Starship leaders).
She created this topic back then because many users had issues with the new moderation (both rules and those of us who were in positions to enforce them). because these issues were with us, there was no point in us ever getting involved – it would only start a conflict and none of us want that when it can peacefully be resolved by the adult responsible for overseeing us.

over time, this got much better and the topic expanded into a place for general concerns about the forum, leadership still included.
because of that, the same respect from the Leads still continues and they dont get involved in anything in this topic. it’s instead dealt with directly by the community manager, or answered by a community member if its a general question

thats also why we have to remember to follow this rule, and keep this topic as clean and spam free as possible on our own, with no moderation needed by a leader.


Thanks for bringing this up. We are looking into having a better way to protect the privacy for collaborations in unlisted topics, potentially other ways to help navigating it.


Hey @anisotr0py

This is a great idea for re-initiating contact for our forum users. I will speak to the team about this strategy to improve our forum experience. Thanks again!


Following @anisotr0py’s post, I think it’d be nice to revive something like the forum welcome team.
I’ve noticed a few of those users aren’t as active as they used to be, and it might be nice to have that back up, with a few changes:
I think it would also be cool if the welcome team was slightly larger, and if new users could be partnered with a veteran user for a week or so. The vet can show the newbie around, and if the new user has any questions, the vet can directly answer or pass on the question. That way, new users feel much more welcomed.


I didn’t know there was a welcome team. What you describe would make a huge difference to steer forum discussions towards new users and their questions and needs (it’s very much not that right now)


we’ve actually been working on this behind the scenes; the other welcomers and i have some stuff in the works.

we actually try our best to do this but it has been a bit difficult lately as we’ve all been busy and some team members haven’t been super active.

since the leaders actually mostly handle the welcome team (but aren’t allowed in this topic), i’ll bring the expansion idea up. however, i dont think it’s very likely at this time because of the new leaders. there’s already going to be new people welcomed to an official role and so time will have to go into that training and keeping everything running smoothly there, for both the leads and yuanyuan. because of this, there may not be a focus on adding even more new people.

tho i think once things settle down on that front, this is definitely more likely! perhaps even some strong leader applicants that didn’t make it will be invited to the welcome team? i think that’d be cool to see